7 thoughts on “No other option 'It was either me or the Glazers'

  1. Well said John, love going to games on Saturdays on the terraces. Wish our local council was as accommodating as yours. Good luck for the season and the future.

  2. Food for thought definitely. Not sure I belive him when he says he does not miss seeing Manchester United at Old Trafford though as it would literally kill me. Agree 100% with the priciples though

  3. Also the stewards can be right ars*holes but I wouldnt say its a bad atmosphere in general at all.

  4. Timbo, others do feel as strongly. Some of us can’t get to many FC games because we live overseas, but we are still part of their development and contribute whenever we can. Haven’t put a penny in Glazers pocket since FC was formed.

  5. Hi my names Niall from N.Ireland, is anyone here a member of the club. I want to get involved in the next year or so. im moving over to Manchester for UNI and would love to be apart of the future with FC. my e-mail address is n_maginnis@hotmail.co.uk
    hope to hear from one of you soon. Cheers.

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