2 thoughts on “It's 24 years and counting for Sir Alex Ferguson

  1. Unbelievable when you look back at Fergies reign and how things have changed, both in football and in life itself. To survive so long is testement to the drive and passion the man possesses. Not looking forward to the season after he goes thats for sure.

    Among my favourite Fergie moments? Sparky’s 2nd Vs Barca in the ECWC and his equaliser Vs Oldham in the FA Cup Semi that enabled us to win the double for the first time, Eric Vs Newcastle at St James where we had withstood a barage and refused to buckle (there were a few Eric moments that year), Brucey Vs Wednesday obviously, Keano Vs Juve – Keano Vs Veiera in the Tunnel followed by a performance that showed just who was the boss…The FA Cup Semi Vs Arsenal and of course Ole at the Nou Camp…In that moment, when we became the first team to win the treble…Actually, there are far too many to list, lets just hope there are a few more to come..What a ride

  2. Wonderful memories David, you must have been following United for a hell of a long time. May there be many more to come for the ride to keep going

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