12 thoughts on “Sorry Signor Mancini, it’s never been about racism

  1. He is spot on about the british media and the same is true of their treatment of british versus foreign players too.

  2. Not to Mancini alone but to everyone else who is not of native British decent.Look at the way the press is showering praise on Bale though deservingly i would be suprised if he could get the same treatment if he was Hounduran or even French.

    For a long time in the premiership there has been on going debates on who is the finest striker in the league and unanimously the British press has unanimously gone for Rooney,ok he is one lethal striker but lose yourself and imagine Drogba as white blue eyed from sussex what would the press say??

    There are so many examples but al the same its not a bad thing to be ‘nationalistic’.

  3. exactly as moor says, what has Bale done that Malouda, or Nani hasn’t? Bale got cornered by Rafael, carrick and fletcher then wes brown, as well as Phil Neville, and his evertonian team-mates. At least nani and malouda have a few tricks up their sleeve, other than punting the ball 20 metres past the fullback and conducting a sprint race.
    as for the rampant nationalism, of course it exsists, its everywhere, because no one likes to see “foreigners” succeed to the detriment of fellow countrymen. whether it be in sport, “the city” or in everyday jobs, every country is protective of what they consider to be the fundamental values of nationality.

  4. Yet another uneducated wannabe journalist United fan, go educate yourself before making such childishly pathetic mistakes.

    ‘Racism’ taken rom the word ‘Race’ meaning a race or races with distinctive characteristics.

    Being Italian or any other Nationality and attacking a different nationality does not make you racist.

    You would think people would have some level of intelligence before trying to play journalist.

  5. You are getting confused its xenophobia

    The point he is making is because he replaced a “young British manager” who became the darling of the press when he was sacked, and because he is Italian he is not getting a fair hearing I tend to agree with him although it more about the envy and jealous agains the club

  6. guess the first couple of responses were not quite what ‘the author’ was looking for ? see you weds. I assume you have sky.

  7. Thank you Shnu.Its a long held dream that British media will one day become fair and not overly sensational but as for now it remains just but a dream.

    Its amazing that even Arsenal football club and Wenger all over sudden became darlings of the media after falling from being the force they used to be.No one cares as long as they are not winnig anything.

    The tactical prowess and nouse shown by Acelotti goes unmentioned anywhwere save for Chelsea blogs.If a certain McClaren could manage a quarter of such a fete.

    Who else could be allowed to stay as Liverpool manager knowing that the former goliath of Enlish football are lying comfortably on wrong end of the table,Paul Ince? thats not a very appropriate example ok Martin Jol.

  8. You’re absolutely correct CiTyBlUe, xenophobia is the correct description just as ManCunian said but please remember, how do you even begin to explain that to the average yob? Sadly, the word racist is understood by everyone

  9. I’m old enough to remember when United fans didn’t need to spend most of their lives talking about City.

  10. My friend in wrong half of manchester whatever Mancini was trying to say he simply camouflaged it with use of word ‘nationalists’.We all know what he meant.

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