Mancini should stay out of the Rooney incident

There have been a number of Manchester City fans coming onto this site recently expressing the opinion that we are obsessed by their club because it has been mentioned in some of our articles. Sorry folks, if you expect any apologies they will not be forthcoming because just like the one which is being raised here, they have always had a Manchester United connection. It’s a two way street so when City manager Signor Mancini publicly comments on the Wayne Rooney incident at Wigan by saying that “For me it was Rooney’s fault and I’m surprised at this. The referee was there. I think that this happens in every country, it’s normal. The big club usually has different treatment. For me it was a red card” he’s perfectly entitled to express an opinion.

VIDEO Fact meets Fiction: Black Roo v White Pele

It’s a 30 year old film which was panned by many but to me Escape to Victory is one of the greatest football movies of all time. The climax was that memorable strike from King Pele yet this weekend Wayne Rooney scored an almost identical effort lifting the roof off Old Trafford with one of the goals of the season. Henry Winter wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that “One fan declared it the best overhead kick since Pele in ‘Escape to Victory’. Anyone familiar with the movie will love this”. Apart from the ‘Black Rooney’, the movie also featured such football greats as Bobby Moore, Osvaldo Ardiles, Mike Summerbee and a host of other world stars.

Anyone outside Manchester remember THIS?

On the 29th of May 1968, Manchester United became the first English team to win the European Cup exactly ten years after an air disaster would have destroyed lesser clubs. Cross town rivals Manchester City had just won the First Division Championship for only the second – and so far the last time in their history, just eighteen days earlier. Does anyone remember that? Of course not, by becoming Champions of Europe United took all the media limelight while City had to be content with nothing more than a domestic title. You almost had to feel sorry for City fans who had waited since 1937 to have a sniff of such success!