55 thoughts on “Shock Anfield to Old Trafford transfer may be on!

  1. Just in case you wonder why some comments are deleted, have a look at this example from someone who I suspect is trying to send a message under an assumed name after his previous ones were binned. It has been copied and pasted exactly as it was sent….”mm , seems to have gone very quite over there in slumland , is that cos you scum have decided to hound some small danish club for your new keeper ????, francis , please keep off subjects you know fuck all about ., that , having read your recent blogs re the true red nation , seems to include FOOTBALL LIVERPOOL , oh , and this is a web blog you tit , not A level english you dumb twat !!!” Someone, please give me the strength to be patient! Surely not ALL Scousers can be cretins like this one.

  2. Frank Scicluna, only cretins are you manc scrum, only way you win these days is to play wigan with 9 men your team is crap.
    I am surprise you know any scouse i put this in my comments to see if you would notice this and like an idiot you pick this out.
    Lastly, like all prawn sandwich fans like you should show respect to liverpool and it fans we have still won more trophies than you.Just to put you right, i have a grade in english O’level and a grade at A’level english.
    Ps i have more qualifications than you will ever dream of like all scousers we are most intelligent supporters in this country.

  3. listen very careful, you uneducated maltese manc scum from scrumland you might be only maltese that supports manure utd because alot of your countrymen do not support your team.
    Lastly, this is my last comment on your crap website and as you are from malta i would be very suprised if you speak english proper and use grammar.
    Frank, i think its only me and you on this site you have not recieved no comments on this blog since 21/11/10 at 10:46pm.Frank, you need to relaxed this is only banter like all great scousers i have good sense of humour.
    Ps Hodgson is not good manager and will be replaced by christmas watch this space.

  4. So you have been let out of rehab have you David? It’s hardly worth responding to your illiterate comments but here goes 1) Yes, I’m a very proud Maltese but I doubt if you even know how to find it on a map 2) I won’t get into the Manc scum argument because both cities have their share of them, you’re a perfect example of it 3) Despite what you regard as my lack of English ‘proper’ I trust that it’s at least as good as your Maltese ‘proper’ 4) You’re right, Scousers do not make a habit of posting comments on a United fans blog – except cretins like yourself 5) Not sure if I asked you this before – are you at least old enough to vote?

    PS – Who’s your tip to replace Hodgson? Is Rafa coming back to Anfield following his failure in Italy?

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