90 thoughts on “UEFA must not tolerate religious bigotry at Ibrox

  1. i do believe evryone has a right to worship, we are social beings nd are prone to develop beliefs nd principles that define our charaters nd our existence… so to the fans at ibrox let hernandez be nd maybe he’l put in a word or 2 for the whole lot of you……

  2. This is great news. Prayers, and any other kind of idiotic superstition like religions encourage should be kicked out of football. I think it’s about time footballers and fans ‘grew up’ as you say, and realize that these things only divide people not unite. If you don’t have skill/ability, no god(s) can change the outcome of your performance.

  3. This is pure unsubstantiated bullshit trying to stir up antagonistic feeling ahead of next weeks game. Rangers supporters are very used to players making a public display of their religious leanings at Ibrox. We have had Catholic players, Catholic captains and a Catholic managers who were all accepted by our support. The only surprise with this “story” is that it comes from The People and not the usual Scottish based rags who are more than happy to drag the name of our club through the mud.

    No one has been able to quote a source on this, and not a single net nutter has hinted that Hernandez will be singled out for abuse.

    Of course as this story grows arms and legs it becomes a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. If Hernandez goes through with his usual pre-match ritual, some of the more stupid Rangers fans will see this as being done to wind them up, despite being warned otherwise by SAF. If he doesn’t it’s because he was too afraid of the big bad bigots from Govan.

    It’s a no win situation for Rangers fans and I imagine the “journalist” involved is very happy with himself right now.

    To describe Rangers supporters as anti-Catholic is a naive and ill judged simplification of the true situation in Glasgow. To say the city is “notorious for religious sectarianism” is a childish misrepresentation of a city where people of all religious denominations co-exist peacefully outside the sphere of football.

    If you want a true picture of religious sectarianism try closer to home; Bradford, Oldham and Burnley for example. Your comment regarding Muslim players smacks of blatant Islamophobia to me…

  4. What a load of cobblers. Can you please name websites and sources for this pile if bollocks please. Rangers have had catholic captains and managers so please explain? Seriously need to stop believing everything that is written, expect nothin less than a shitrag like the People, shame on you also for cut n pasting it.

  5. Not one word on the deeply religious diving cheat or his voodoo supplication to his imaginary friend was made on the two biggest Rangers fans websites.

    A completely made-up story.

    He can cut the heart from a Tolmec maiden if he wants. Just as long as the referee keeps an eye out for him falling over.

  6. Anyone who believes this rubbish needs to have their head examined. This story is absolute nonsense and a total fabrication. No one from Rangers have commented because they know it has no substance. I don’t know what the author hopes to achieve by writing lies but the people who believe them are just as stupid. Rangers FC have welcomed all faiths and religions for years now, including Catholic and Muslim. we’ve moved on and so should the author of these lies.

  7. @WE are the People. A very true, realistic and logical comment mate, all power to you. We just want to nip what The People reported in the bud.

  8. This is the biggest non story of the year. Hernandez is free to carry out whatever religious beliefs he may have at the game and no one will care. As a previous poster has mentioned, we have Muslims, Catholics, Protestants etc within our ranks and no-one cares as long as they are good football players.

    There have been incidents in the past I will not deny this, most famously the ‘Holy Goalie’ Arthur Boruc who never openly blessed himself at any other match in Scotland other than the Old Firm game, specifically at Ibrox. He would wait until heading for the traditional Rangers end (Copland Road) and face the stand and make sure he done it in such a way that it wouldn’t be missed. He was charged for his behaviour at one game, although not for blessing himself as some from the other side of the City will claim, it was for inciting the crowd with his offensive behaviour, including gestures to the crowd with the middle finger etc. This clown also ran the length of the pitch waving a Celtic flag after a defeat.

    But enough of the fat Pole, Hernandez will be welcomed to Ibrox in the same way as the rest of your under performing team, with a fair bit of hostility mixed with respect for their achievements within the game.

    One final point – Scotoma

    This word reminds me of those who choose to bless themselves in whatever religion they adhere to. At a boxing match one night a fighter comes in and blesses himself 5 times before the bell rings, a young inquisitive lad ask’s his father “What does that mean Dad?” He replied “It mean’s fuck all if you can’t fight son!”

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  9. Well said Frankie but no, this article will not be deleted because what The People reported has got to be proven wrong by intelligent people like yourself.

  10. Dear Frank.

    Reproducing a sensationalist piece of tabloid drivel in order to level accusations of bigotry against a club and it’s support is scarcely the action of an adult. What exactly do you hope to achieve by this other than to whip up emotions and level a generalised accusation against an entire group? Your basis? An article in an authoritative newspaper most would not wrap their chips in.
    You are, quite simply, guilty of the bigotry you profess UEFA should act upon, an irony that no-doubt escapes you.

    The reality is that the vast majority of Rangers fans don’t give a hoot about this nonsense. Unbelievably most of us have work colleagues, friends or even relatives that are Catholics! We have even had club captains and managers that adhere to the catholic faith. Incredibly, they were treated no differently to any other player or manager of the club.

    We are far from unique in having a minority element amongst our support that can be an embarrassment. It is not too surprising that some (a bit like yourself perhaps?) are happy to generate bile from the sanctity of their computer keyboards. This does not justify the type of gutter journalism you seem eager to reproduce. I would simply point out that the closest this article comes to factual journalism is the sentence,

    “Rangers officials say there is no question of them banning Hernandez from his usual pre-match routine, which he started in his native Mexico”.

    I should have thought that was clear enough.

    Your exhortation that we should ‘go back into our pre-historic caves’, is hardly what I would expect from someone seeking to make a serious point. It suggests you may have a personal agenda. Keep your thinly veiled bigotry to yourself. Heed your own advice and GROW UP.

  11. Calm down. This comes from a tabloid tale without a single quote from anyone. I use various Rangers fans’ websites and I never saw any of the comments The People claims. Though of course you can never rule out some loonball posting garbage on the internet (present company excepted!).

  12. Frankie,

    It seems probable to me that your name sake has an agenda, which is why, he is content to leave an article containing comments like ‘crawl back into your pre-historic caves’ for all to see.

    He exhorts others to grow up whilst behaving like a petulant child himself.

    Thankfully the vast majority of United supporters will be treating the article in The People with the contempt it deserves.

  13. Another intelligent post Bouncy bear. It’s the reason why The People report was highlighted. There are two former Australian Rangers players who are Catholic and I have known since their teenage years. Both Kevin Muscat and Tony Vidmar cannot speak highly enough of their time at Ibrox. What The People has reported must be proven to be ‘drivel’ as you so rightly called it. Unfortunately however, it cannot be ignored.

  14. I honestly don’t know what Hernandez did at Villa Park Frankie, maybe someone can put us wise. Unfortunately mate, unnecessary aggressiveness is sometimes required to draw attention to a potentially ugly situation.


  15. Get a life and stop relying on hearsay and much worse, The People for news.

    For clarity. Rangers fans couldn’t care less about whether Hernandez wants to say a prayer at Ibrox.

    Also, Bougherra is a Muslim. He’s been railroaded out of Ibrox hasn’t he?

    Ibrox officials have not said their going to ban Hernandez – oh dear, get a grip.

    You are a joke publishing this tripe.

  16. Frank.

    You accept the report as ‘drivel’, yet say it “cannot be ignored”.

    You choose to headline your article with ‘UEFA MUST NOT TOLERATE RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY AT IBROX’ but now you tell us you never really believed such intolerance exists. You even cite two ex-Rangers players to support this new perspective.

    Help me understand your logic here. It seems to be all over the place and I’m afraid it doesn’t make much sense to me so far.

    Do us all a favour, delete your bile and be adult enough to apologise to the tens of thousands of Rangers fans you have deliberately insulted by telling us to crawl ‘back into our pre-historic caves’.

  17. “unnecessary aggressiveness is sometimes required to draw attention to a potentially ugly situation”.

    Breathtaking arrogance.

  18. I am finding the fact rangers fans are coming on here and actually denying religious bigotry exist hilarious. These are the fans who for over a season have sang a song mocking the deaths of millions of innocent irish
    Every game without fail. A few years back shota adverladz was abused every touch of the ball after blessing himself coming on against linfield in a pre season friendly. Artur boruc was reported to the police for blessing himself in the goals before a game a ritual he has done since he was a boy in poland. Numerous ex rangers players have came out years later and said they were advised not to bless themselves in ibrox (porinni negri etc) even read saf book he claims his wife was not invited to functions because she was a roman catholic. It is about time this club are shown up for what they are narrow minded bigots

  19. It would appear the only thing the authors ‘unnecessary aggressiveness’ has drawn attention to is his own stupidity.

    At least we can be grateful for that.

    Come to Glasgow Chico. We appreciate good footballers at Ibrox.

  20. Dear Frank,

    The report in question is absolute nonsense and I can assure you if the player in question wants to observe his religious beliefs then he will do so without fear at Ibrox.

    Our team is made up of a variety of creeds and colours and all are made welcome at Ibrox; including recent past players such as Shota Arveldaze and Lee Robinson who both crossed themselves ahead of games.

    I’m surprised and disappointed you’ve taken a mischief-making tabloid story so literally. Perhaps you’ll take the time to amend or delete this poor article as I’m sure Manchester Utd, their players and fans will all be made most welcome next week.

    Rangers fan

  21. Frank,

    Fair enough, you may not wish to delete the article so Rangers fans can show it is wrong but you could certainly amend your own opinion which concludes the piece as that is unnecessarily aggressive given we’ve shown this is a non-issue.

    I think it is fair to say that every team (Rangers and Man Utd included) have their share of misguided supporters who can let the majority down. That is part and parcel of football and the banter often contained within such tribalism is just one facet of the sport which makes it so enjoyable.

    Of course there is a fine line between such banter and social problems such as racism or religious intolerance but I’m comfortable that the vast, vast majority of Rangers fans know exactly where that line is. It’s a pity the more sensationalist parts of the media don’t.

    All the best,

    PS: I believe Hernandez didn’t observe this ritual against Villa at the weekend. Is that correct?

  22. Good calls by both Bouncybear and Frankie. Without doubt, you are part of the vast majority of Glasgow Rangers fans who appreciate football for what it is BUT the fact remains that a large minority of Rangers fans are nothing more than bigoted, extremist, religious fanatics who have no interest in the game whatsoever. There are not many clubs who can lay claim to such a sad tradition – with the possible exception of your near Glasgow neighbours.

  23. Just want to say that while “there’s no smoke without fire” would be a gross exaggeration, I know that sectarianism is alive and well with a small minority of Rangers fans. Ferguson probably knows this too, and doesn’t want to stir anything up

  24. “Good calls by both Bouncybear and Frankie. Without doubt, you are part of the vast majority of Glasgow Rangers fans who appreciate football for what it is BUT the fact remains that a large minority of Rangers fans are nothing more than bigoted, extremist, religious fanatics who have no interest in the game whatsoever. There are not many clubs who can lay claim to such a sad tradition – with the possible exception of your near Glasgow neighbours”.
    Does your stupidity know no bounds?

    You now claim that the “vast majority” of Rangers fans appreciate football but still seek to highlight a minority of “bigoted religious fanatics’ as being representative!

    Get a grip. I could just as well point to the prevalence of gun-crime and gang culture in certain areas of Manchester and, based on that, label your entire support as drug-riddled robbers and murderers. Having lived in Manchester for many years and being reasonably well educated, I realise it would be crass stupidity to heap such offensive bile on the entire Manchester population. You, by contrast, seem entirely at ease with your predilection to insult by sweeping generalisation.

    Frank you have so far been spectacularly successful in coming across as a bigoted fool. Perhaps UEFA should investigate you?

    You have a clear agenda that is plain for all to see. Give up whilst you still have a modicum of credibility left.

  25. Frank,

    There is no ‘potentially ugly’ situation.

    The lad may or may not observe his pre-match prayer. The vast majority of fans will ignore or miss this as they will be more interested in the (hopefully) exciting game about to start. That’s why you didn’t see it at Villa Park and that’s why none of us can probably remember if he did it at Old Trafford in the first group match against Rangers.

    As I’m sure you realise, the media in the UK are only too happy to make mountains out of molehills in order to make money. It’s a pity you’d rather contribute to this ill-informed hyperbole rather than use your blog article to speak out against it.

    Thus, one can only conclude that you are guilty of the very same immaturity you’re complaining about. That is most unfortunate.

    Here’s hoping everyone enjoys what is sure to be another fine CL occasion next Wednesday and while I’m uncertain about what the result will be, I am certain there will be no controversy surrounding Hernandez’s religious beliefs.

    Best wishes,

  26. You may have been too uptight to notice the words “a large MINORITY” mate. Please explain how that is heaping offensive bile on the ENTIRE Glasgow population? I would have thought that it’s the precise opposite!

  27. Ah I see your powers of comprehension are somewhat limited. Could that explain why you would be foolish enough to consider a piece of journalistic fiction a reliable reflection of reality?

    At no point have I said you were heaping offensive bile on the ‘entire population of Glasgow’. It’s bad enough that you do that to the substantial proportion of the population that consider themselves to be Rangers supporters. I was making a general point about how some people have an unfortunate trait to insult by generalisation. I can see now that my point escapes you.

    As I sought to explain, it would be stupid of me to insinuate that the entire Man U support are nought but drug addled criminals based upon the characteristics of a minority of the population of Greater Manchester. Not only would I be demonstrating a bigoted attitude towards Mancunians, I would also be ignoring the fact that the majority of your support have no affiliation to Manchester whatsoever.

    I’m amazed you have not taken the advice to delete your article. Perhaps you derive some sort of masochistic pleasure from being exposed as a bigot and a stubbornly foolish one to boot? There’s a saying about people that live in glass houses. The next time you choose to describe people as bigots, you would be well served to remember it.

  28. Frank

    I find it astounding that with all the comments added to this article that you still are persisting with the arguement that there is a ‘large minority’. This comes across that these is only a small majority of sensible accepting fans. This is grossly incorrect. The vast majority of Rangers fans are not small minded bigots but true football fans that are accepting and inclusive of all people and faiths. I would wager that the majority of fans in any club related to a particular faith do not attend church outside of weddings and funerals. To say that a large minority are ‘bigoted, extremist, religious fanatics who have no interest in the game whatsoever’ is comical as they would be practising their religion and not attending many if that was the case.

    The People or whoever cme up with this drivel are purely stiring up something that they hope will exist in order to sell copy and whip up a frenzy. I will be at the game with many friends and fellow supporters who will not be the least bit upset by the pre match routine of this highly talented footballer just because he follows a faith. Good on him I say and if more young people followed the sort of values that he holds himself by there wouldn’t be half the problems in society now that there is. If he runs my team ragged and and has an outstanding game then fair enough. He might even get booed. THIS IS NOT DUE TO HIS BELIEFS! Its due to the fact that we understand the need to unsettle a quality footballer, its happened to many players in all grounds all over the world from all back grounds, even to players of the ‘same’ religion as those fans who boo them.

    Please understand that this is not a representative article of the VAST majority of Rangers fans. With any club there are some idiots without the sense or education to see things clearly and with Rangers this is true also, however it is the TINY minority, as I’m sure it is with your club. Dont let the very few influence your opinion on a great support. Please.

  29. I do not know why Rangers fans need to justify themselves to this hack.
    Anything for a story, how many times have you ever been to Ibrox, the sun certainlly does not shine out of ManU fans behinds my friend.

  30. 1) You should check your facts before accusing Rangers fans! No Rangers fan has vowed to target Hernandez if he continues his ritual at Ibrox! This rumour was started in the internet by some idiot, probably a celtc supporter and there is and never was any evidence for that at all.

    2) Rangers FC is not a protestant-only club nowadays, I myself am a roman catholic and support the Rangers and never experienced any troubles & I know many other catholics or people of other religions who also support the Gers!

    3) There is a huge difference between a player blessing himself at Ibrox as a part of his rituals before a game and a player, who plays for the rival team and has deliberately provoked gers fans on numerous occasions and in various ways over the last seasons, deliberately turning towards the Gers fans at Ibrox and blessing himself.

    If you understand all three points, you will also understand that while most Rangers fans certainly won’t appreciate any player blessing himself at Ibrox they will respect and tolerate it as long as it isn’t a clear deliberate effort to provoke fans of the Rangers.

  31. “Rangers fans have vowed on websites”?

    Name the web sites

    Do not come away with the rubbish that you do not want to give the exposure.

    Name them

  32. Religion is out dated anyway, anyone who still believes in any God are the ones who should go back to their caves. Where was God on 9/11? Where was he during 7/7 and where is he when our troops are being killed daily in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why hasnt he given the Pope or the Queen a cure for cancer and aids yet? If every religion has their own God, then i am supposed to believe there are several Gods up in Heaven all living happily together, looking after each religion? rofl Religious fanatics are the ones who need to grow up!

    Religions of all kinds should be outlawed, banned and fanatics thrown in jail. Religion brings nothing but negative things to the world.

    If the world are looking for discrimination and sectarianism then they need look no further than Rangers’ rivals in the east end, Celtic. They are the worst of the lot with their pro-Ira mumbo jumbo and anti-Protestant, anti-England and ant-British bile coming from their fans.

    Herna will have no problems in Glasgow, i can see him tearing Weir and Broadfoot a new one, scoring a goal or 2 and then blessing himelf infront of the Gers fans! haha Im sure they will be man enough to take that no problem.

    4-0 United

    Thank you and good night!

    Go on you reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. There will be hostility shown that night but only towards the Utd players
    because they are the bigger club.
    It will just be the same as any other game Utd play awy from home.
    There was a Celtic supporter who ran on to the field with a Pope t-shirt on when we played an Israeli team..he was apparently trying to make a protest against their fans..not ONE Rangers fan tried to get on the field to attaqck this clown.
    It’s typical ‘lets give Rangers a kicking’ reporting.
    You’d have thought no other club in Britain had an element of fans who let the club down.

  34. spot on article mate- Rangers have shamed Scotland with its “we are the people”, “up to our knees in fenian blood” and ” no pope of rome” as their WEEKLY traditional rong book. Utterly discusting

    UEFA has already warned Rangers and their rioting and travel mayhem is a fight against this punishemnt – THE PEOPLE will simply not comply and SFA are guilty and corrupt for doing nothing when this is spewed every week.

    The should be banned from Europe – Racist and sectarian – yet they STILL dont accept it!

    good luck Manchester United

  35. Tremendous article Frank,
    Most Rangers fans are anti-Catholic and anti-Irish, they are brought up surrounded by this mentality. Their hatred is incredible.

    There are a lot of people within the SFA who are from a Rangers background. In fact the SFA are in the middle of an investigation on this very subject. An email depicting the Pope as a paedophile was sent around 20 of their staff. This included the head of referees!

    This would have been ignored as a harmless joke but someone who was sick of all this sectarianism and bigotry released the email to the press.

    Interesting times ahead at a very corrupt organisation.

  36. Artur Boruc blessed himself at ibrox and the rangers fans almost caused a riot.

    Craig bellamy knelt to the ground after scoring against rangers and almost caused a riot – he was booked too by SFA ref.

    Aiden Mcgeady constantly attacked with sectarian abuse because he chose ireland over scotland.

    Neil Lennon death threats for being N.Irish and playing for celtic. and on and on and on.

    Celtic stand agains the old firm tag – we want nothing to do with this bile.

  37. lol tom, deny and deflect, your club was founded on disrciminatory terms.

    tell a lie long enough, eh?!

  38. How sad that the most offended people in the world (Celtic fans) manage to find this article. It would appear they are more obsessed with the Rangers than their own club. Might be jealousy towards not being in Europe this year and excluded from the big boy’s league for two seasons in a row.

    For all those of the green persuasion looking in, care to answer me this?

    Did your current manager call the Rangers bench ‘Orange Bastards’ in the heat of an old firm game – Check

    Do your fans display banners against the symbolic remembrance of the Poppy – Check

    Do your fans sing of the IRA on a weekly basis, the same IRA that blew a hole in Manchester and managed to kill innocent children – Check

    So do me a favour and crawl back to your own wee rock and leave the talking to the big boy’s.

  39. If it is only a small minority if Rangers fans who are sectarian Ibrox must hold 4 million supporters.

    Any Man U fans looking to find out the truth no need to check any further than Follow Follow or Vanguard Bears. Enjoy! If you can?

  40. Took you people from the East a long time to get here, now we will here all your bile same as the hacks bile

  41. Lothian …… just to let you know Artur Boruc crossed himself at the start of the 1st AND second halves AT EVERY GROUND not just Ibrox. Idiot. Do you do Irony? How about you minutes “silence” which was for WW2 and then proceed to do Nazi salutes!!!

  42. Rangers have previous for this kind of religious intolerance.

    Most recently, fter complaints from Rangers fans during a Celtic v Rangers game at Mordor, Artur Boruc was the subject of a police investigation for blessing himself.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    Scotland’s Shame is an apt description of these bigots who have resumed the religious intolerance they were sanction for by UEFA. The SFA do nothing about it and by lack of action condone this outdated behaviour.

    Every game we hear the old favourites, Billy boys, Up to our knees in fenian blood, no pope of rome etc etc

    Expect Hernandez to get absolute pelters should he dare cross himself in that cauldron of bitterness, intolerance and deep down bigotry.

    You have been warned.

  43. Speaking as an Rangers-supporting atheist and secularist I am sick of footballers who treat football grounds as if they were a place of worship. They should keep it to their home or within the walls of their church, mosque, synagogue or whatever religious building they go to.

    I’m no fan of the Roman Catholic church (or the CoE, the CoS, Islam or any other faith) but I agree wholeheartedly with the late Cardinal Thomas Winning who stated that footballers who indulge in religious practices on the field of play were merely prostituting their faith.

  44. I have to laugh at the outrage from the Rangers fans when others view the underbelly of their support, they react like mad men while doing little or nothing about it when they go to the games. Are you boys really not Hullo hullo – ing when you go to matches? Do you have any Non-Sectarian or Non – anti-Catholic songs? Really? All 3 of them? That is amazing. Either be honest about it or if you are honest about not doing it do you condone it?

    I conceed not everyone is a raging bigot but there are a lot who follow Rangers who are in love with hatred of Catholicism as evidenced by their “songbook”. Sad but true. Also pathetic comments like we’ve had Catholic players managers and Captains hahahaha. Don’t you realise that even having to say that proves what kind of club you once were/are (depending on your point of view. The fact that a paper would even write it says it all.

    Who are all these peepel? This veritable plethora of Catholic managers and Captains? Amoruso the Italian who got the captaincy taken from him for Barry Ferguson? Can’t think of any other Catholic Captains, strange that. Not just a guy who got it when the real Captain wasn’t playing. Was he even a Catholic? Do you know that for sure? Catholic managers? Paul Le Guen? A man hounded out of Scottish football by his sheer incompetence was accepted by the Rangers fans? They must have loved all those defeats he gave them before Halloween when Celtic had the league rapped up. Of course Mr Le Guen was not hounded for being a Catholic, far from it, just crap. And yet I recall a plethora of Rangers fans on phone ins and in Newspapers saying “He just didn’t understand the club, its traditions and culture”. Hmmmmmmmm, Interesting choice of words and then they got back a manager who did understand the “traditions” of said club. Think about it.

    There have been Catholic players at Ibrox- but for 80 years the club had a policy of no Catholics playing there (it was not written down but plenty have testified to it and many more have supported and defended it and did for all the years it took place) although a few slipped under the net or were forced on them to avoid a UEFA ban for discrimination. Since the Mo Johnston signing many Catholics have played for Rangers however the support have by and large disgraced themselves and their country while playing in Europe and at home by singing No Pope of Rome, the Billy Boys, the famine song etc which are either anti-catholic anthems or anti- Irish but remember down in civilised England, there is no discrimination at Ibrox, it is a gentle place where children frolic in peace and every man bedecked in blue is a misunderstood saint. What a backwater Scotland really is and it saddens me to say so. This kind of mindset is so often defended by those caught up in it.

    Anyone who shouts “we are the people” is nothing more than a supremacist and therein lies their problem – they believe that is is their birthright to behave in this manner and 7000 of them were singing their bile for the entire match at Celtic recently but still, it is a tiny minority. If you are a 90 minute bigot you are even worse because no decent person would be involved with that.

    Artur Boruc blessed himself at every ground, every country as Celtic player and Polish International and they lie and say he only did it to annoy them. If this annoys you, why? Why care if you are uninterested in religion, why are you offended? You know the real answer. Those saying otherwise are liars who hated him and became so angry they spewed more venom – we have all seen the youtube video so Senor Hernandez should be aware of what could happen.

    Not everyone who follows Rangers is like this but a lot are and that is something that should be told, exposed and explained to all decent fans of every club.

    Celtic fans are not lilly white on every issue but as the issue is anti-Catholic hate, I feel that you can only talk about one club in that regard.

  45. I can’t help but laugh at the fans of Rangers on here claiming that they don’t have a problem with players saying a prayer and the like at games. Artur Boruc was reported to the police for it when he played for Celtic at Ibrox!

    Search Youtube and you’ll find footage of him being heavily booed when he does it and one guy says, “we’ve got you now!” What he thinks he captured I don’t know, perhaps he thought it was enough to send Boruc down for life!

    That aside, they may give this guy a hard time if he prays before the match – my money is on it happening – but there’s no evidence at all to base this story on. There isn’t a single quote and it’s a bit premature to go off on one with an article like this.


  47. Lothian, it was DIRTY o******* ********* that animal called the Rangers bench. It can clearly be seen on video, yet it was covwered up by the pro-celtic Scottish press. And yes you are correct about the world shame Celtic FC, they are a disgrace. The author has his own agenda, he is allowing comments and lies from Celtic fans and deleting truths from the Utd and Rangers fans.

    Celtic FC – Offended by everything, embarrassed by nothing!

    Celtic fans are a disgrace, they are not even needed or wanted here here yet they still want to come in with opinions and lies. Its the Celtic way. Obssessed by Rangers, they hate us more than they love their own club.

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