9 thoughts on “United in a Euro Super League – Not IF but WHEN

  1. do you really think that 500 million will watch that kind of game every week? There is only one reason why all this people watched the game and that is because it only happens 2 times in a year. We already have a super league and that is the Chapions League, the clubs would loose alot of money if they would leave the premier league and champions league just to play in að super league were every team is great, but people would probably grow tired of it after few seasons. The game is perfect now, United is 1.st in the EPL, through to the quarter final in CL and Liverpool is in Euro league and playing like shit in the EPL. You just gotta love it 😀

  2. The following you would expect in the European Super League – Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan Juventus, Bayern Munich, Ajax, PSV, FC Porto, Benfica, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea. But a large number could argue a claim to be involved – Bayer Leverkusen? Schalke? Hamburg? Feyernoord? Valencia? Lyon? Marseille? Bordeaux? Borussia Dortmund? Fenerbache? Galatasaray? Besiktas? Sporting Lisbon? Tottenham? Rangers? Celtic? – opposition of FA, UEFA, FIFA – I doubt it will happen.

  3. I cannot really agree egill.The game is far from perfect now. The Champions League does not really get interesting until the knock out stages. Andy is much closer to the mark. Imagine the clubs he mentioned being paired together throughout a home and away season.

    No, you will never get 500 million for every match but 400, 300, 200, 100, even 50 mill? That’s a hell of a lot more than you can fit into any stadium. Imagine United packing 75,000 at Old Trafford PLUS such a huge world wide audience for which they get a percentage? That’s an unimaginable amount of money.

    Finally, why would people get more tired of that after a few seasons than they would do watching the usual top 5 or 6 clubs in the Premier League year after year?

    @Andy just a thought. With two London clubs I can understand your omission of Spurs but why a mid table Liverpool ahead of Rangers or Celtic? One of those two will be a far more worthy inclusion, but which one?

  4. I say this is a United supporter, but any talk of leaving Liverpool out of the equation based purely on this season’s efforts is a little skewered. Like United, it has an incredible tradition and record, and would have to be one of the major teams considered from England, not least because of it’s world wide brand, which is much greater than any of the London clubs, Arsenal included.

  5. No argument from me timbo, only comment is that if Liverpool are to be included then Chelsea has to go. Three English clubs will have to be the absolute maximum unless the league can accommodate a total of 20

  6. Poor article. This has been batted back and forth for many years now. The Glazers have been at OT for what? nearly 6 years and counting? Don’t you think they were thinking the very same things at that time?

  7. To get huge numbers of viewers you need to attract neutrals (the supporters will watch anyway). But neutrals aren’t highly motivated to watch. They’ll watch if its on, if they aren’t doing anything else and if it doesn’t cost them anything. It’s hard to make much money out of that.

    Also the figures for numbers of viewers for live football are notoriously dodgy. They usually just count everyone who has access to a channel showing the match. I remember a couple of years back when Sky claimed a ridiculous billion viewers worldwide for some big Premier League match. Some journalist (I think it might have been in the Guardian) tried to estimate the real viewing figures and came up with just two million!

  8. i think it will happen, but it will include the not so big clubs aswell….look….www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oRO-c8cYSA

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