6 thoughts on “Sir Alex getting the sack? Now pull the other one!

  1. dont think hes being overdramatic.. every set of supporters has its idiots and a fair few were starting to turn on him back then. remarkable thing is that were going through a similar transition with the team at the minute and still looking pretty strong.. bodes well for his next team

  2. I say sack him immediately on Tuesday evening if we dont beat the Potters.
    Its not good enough these 8 draws so far.Its pathetic.
    The amount of money that has been invested in this team since the Glazer took over(2.1 Million net per season they deserve to take his head for the pityfull performances.Now wouldnt that little scenario delight a lot of non United fans and some diehard United fans.
    They know where their bread is buttered though the canny Yanks.

    I think he is speaking behind a veil regards the summary dismissal, and attempting to preserve some dignity for his son ex of Preston and highlighting the fact that time bares fruit.
    I fear its not only the directors of Clubs that pressurise the hot seat but fans and media and the financial institutions, everybody.
    It goes without saying there is a culture of sacking and a manager merry go round thereafter.
    I think its best to look before you leap.Prime example I can think of that not so long ago stable Premiership side Charlton Athletic, now as we know NPower League one.
    Man city as an example, I believe have had 17 managers in the time Sir Alex has
    managed at Old Trafford, resulting in zero Silverware for the City fans, although much heartbreak and grief.
    Chelsea 10 managers in 24 years, with limited success, although spent the wealth of a small African nation to achieve what they accrued.
    Tottenham 20 managers in the comparable 20 years 1 Fa cup, 2 league cups and 1 Europa cup.
    Bring it on Tuesday night, nothing other that a United win, or I want to see him swing. 🙂

  3. any manager who thinks Gary Chuckle is worth a place in a
    Manchester United eleven wants f-ckin sacking, i understand
    about loyalty and all that boll-cks but the risk of losing
    three valuable points is greater that playing that suck holing

  4. That Comment @ 10.17 is that for real?
    It cant be a united supporter its surely some troll looking for a reaction!
    Thats a disgrace to speak about a United legend like that.
    Jaysus, give me strength.
    Save me from the mentally challenged.

  5. @thezonly1united.. highlighted my point brilliantly your exactly the sort of idiot i was refering to. i hear city are short on supporters might fit in better there

  6. Agreed that often chairman, fans and the media are too quick to call for a managers head, and sometimes, as with Liverpool, the pressure they put on the manager so early on only results in a self-fulfilled prophecy. Saying that, I still think Hodgson should go.

    But I’m sick of other managers using the “Fergie Excuse” when their job is under threat, i.e., highlighting that Fergie had a poor start and didn’t win anything for four years so give me time as well.

    Well not every manager is Sir Alex Ferguson, and Fergie did actually finish second in the league in his second season. Showing “faith” in someone (which by its definition is irrational and not based on fact), can often be of detriment to a club/chairman. Middlesbrough showed too much faith in Gareth Southgate so as to not appear to be one of the “scum” that are happy to sack managers at the drop of a hat, and ultimately it cost them their Premiership status.

    If a team is showing no sign of improvement whatsoever, them in some cases it is probably correct to sack a manager within a few months of his appointment. Of course we can’t see what could have been, so this can never be proved.

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