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  1. Saying that, I think manutd fan has it spot on. Wenger basically became jealous of Fergie and got insecure, and since he couldn’t compete on pure trophies had to prove that he was the best “pound-for-pound” manager, so he refused to buy big in order to try and prove this, even when the money was there.

    It’s like if you choose to be Barca on Fifa, the logical choice for your mate would be to choose Real Madrid so the match is even. Instead, he goes and picks Tottenham or someone (no disrespect to Spurs, but they’re no Real) so that he can have an excuse if he loses. “Yeah, well I was Spurs and you were Barca, no wonder you won”. Didn’t have to pick them, boyo.

  2. wenger is the best hands down every one knows it he don’t buy trophys like red nose wiskey breath fergie. Who have united got cumin threw youth set up?? No one you just spend spend spend and get sooo lucky it’s unreal like berbatoffs dive, but you will fall away soon ur money owed will catch up soon wen your 800million in the red zone it’s hard to escape. Hahahaha

  3. The award included the criteria of running a football club financially well. Sure ferguson is the most successful in terms of trophies but this is measuring different success. And counter to what the dick’ead posting the blog suggests, it is the managers role to be financially wise. So yeah, using this criterion, wenger is the best manager. Suck my dick faggots.

  4. plus there team is so piss,, nevil, Anderson, fletcher, carrick, oshea,, Rooney ,those 2 twins can’t member there names there shit,, Valencia all these players are second rate. Wilshere, fabregas, van persie, nasri vermalen, that’s what you call quality

  5. it’s so true tho Reading through coments, united are a decent team, but look at there squad there nuffing really who have they got?? That’s better than cesc better than nasri??? Wilshier is the future who have united got cumin up better the jack??? Better than Gibbs ?

  6. Why ALex cannot be compare to Wenger?

    I am perplex as to want to give an informative reason why or not, because even if do have the most undisputed winning reason, it do not mean much when talking to Man U fans, denial and deluded with winning and want to win in everything even for an award that is base on statistic average which spend for 10 years stats, It is not like a nomination by one person like Howard Webb to give penalty or not. 🙂 haa I don’t bother to write anything serious here, waste of my time.

  7. Your figures are right, but you forgot to mention Ferg beat Wenger in terms of money spent too. Give Ferg the same budget (Wenger’s budget) and see how good Ferg can do. lol

  8. Oh I forgot to mention this.. English FA = MU, refs are all MU fans. MU cheat more penalties than any other club. Anyway very soon, MU’s funds are drying up, and FA would switch their support to Man City soon.

  9. So many juvenile comments coming from Gooners! Any Arsenal fans over the age of 18 posting anything here?

  10. I have sat and read all the BS comments on here and what a waste of time listening to these goners.

    If nobody is better than nasri and cesc why aren’t you top of the league, better than jack and gibbs? are you retarded, have you seen Cleverly, Welbeck and Ravel Morrison you twit.

  11. Just one question – IF every team is allowed to have a same transfer and wage budget (like the true spirit of sports supposed to be), who do you think will achieve the most?

  12. From a Gooner: This type of award is arbitrary anyway, and I don’t think any manager is taking it seriously. Managers are entitled to, and responsible for, getting the best results for their employers with their given resources. In this regard, Wenger, Ferguson, and Mourinho have all done admirably.

  13. The all-pervading stench of fear from ManUre supporters is redolent all over this blog.
    This season you will win precisely nothing and, deep down, most of you know it.
    If you don’t get bought by the Saudi royal family you’re heading the way of Chelski, while Arsenal, having gone through the trauma and upheaval of a stadium move during the biggest recession for 80 years, are on the up and coming strong.
    Of course you’re bitter about this award. Of course you want to scream and rant about trophies won. But take the cheque book away from SAF and he’s nothing. Take it away from Arsene Wenger and he’s still Coach of the Decade.
    Sayonara Mancs… the end times are coming…

  14. Let me put it like this.

    Wenger has spent 60. million pounds on players in 10 years. Ferguson 260. million pounds.

    How many cups would Wenger have won during those years if he had spent 260 million punds ?

    (Something tells me it would not be in favour of Fergie)

  15. Is not just the spending by the coaches and the trophies. The fact is that Wenger was a huge part of Arsenal from being a medium size club (in turns of the size of the stadium, revenue and the reputation round the globe) to today, one of the biggest names in the world. Fergie is no doubt a great manager, but in turns of building a club, he is nowhere near the level of influence of Wenger has on Arsenal. I don’t think there could be any dispute on that, even from the most hard-core ManU fans.
    Personally, I think that’s the biggest achievement that you could have on your CV. Arsenal is ripping the benefits as we speak. Look at the style that we play from top to bottom, look at the amount of quality kids that we attract, look at the training method, and look at the training centre……… The list goes on. Wenger may not have won anything for the past few seasons, but he is helping to make sure the club is in a winning position not just now but for the future.
    You can say what you want about the trophies but look at Leeds, look at Portsmouth. One tries to spend what they don’t have and thought they could make it. Almost 10 years now and they’re still down there. The other did win cup for god knows how long and also spent what they don’t have and look what happens to them now.
    Wining trophies is everything in football? Try telling that to the Portsmouth fans!
    Try telling yourself that, when you have the ability to own a company.
    Arsenal is lucky to have Wenger and football is lucky to have him!

  16. Squad building?The squads that Wenger has built, what did they achieve?The players that Wenger has brought, which has moved on and done great?This fucking gunners fans know the truth but are denying it.THERE CLUB IS NO LONGER A TITTLE CHALLENGING CLUB.

  17. I like Wenger, he is a very polite and a genius manager but when we talk about consistency, dedication, pure vision and commitment there is no doubt Fergie will come top of the list, I don’t know the exact measures that made IFFHS to select him(Wenger) as manager of the decade perhaps he deserves being the manger of a half decade coz we all know he has not won any trophy for five years !!! just look to the Arsenal team last couple of years , they were total disaster in term of team spirit and consistency to the last gasp of the season, they were giving up matches to smaller teams at very crucial moments that even Wenger himself couldn’t belief he is managing such a lousy team …and please let us not talk about spending money, just have a glimpse at teams like Real Madrid and Man city !!! anyhow all the players that you mentioned came from clubs that are not very well known and all of them will turn to super stars under Sir and that is a solid fact you can’t deny you Arsenal fans, at the end end I wanna say both man are pure genius but Sir is just from another planet

  18. It looks like the Arsenal fans here are happy that the club is not spending and is not winning trophies. If you want to rate AW based on the amount he did not spend, then he should be compared to the hundreds of clubs that spent even less but have achieved some measure of success.

  19. Direct comparision without imputing the financial statistic is decieving. As a rough guide, SAF is spending about twice as AW to achieve the same result. This implies less efficiency. It is like 2 cars, one cosumes 10 litres of petrol for every 50Km and the other only 5 litres for every 50km.

  20. Gooners cannot see the wood for the trees. The argument is very simple, managers/coaches are appointed with the aim of winning matches and above all else, silverware – no more, no less. It’s the reason why so many are sacked before their contract expires. Ferguson has done his job better than anyone else for 24 years INCLUDING Arsene Wenger. How can anyone possibly argue against that fact?

  21. The award is in order. Fergie and Jose have had millions at their disposal and their trophies can be attributed to the resources they have had at their disposal. And in this buying frenzy put their clubs in heavy debts

  22. Let’s compare two swimmers in the Olympics. The winner comes from a rich country and spent lots of money in training. The runner up comes from a poor country. On the basis, the Gold medal should be given to the runner up?

  23. Sorry in1voice, cannot agree. Does that make the runner up a BETTER swimmer than the winner? Yes, he deserves lots of credit for his wonderful efforts BUT a winner is a winner and it can never be disputed. What you are suggesting is that we should have a handicap system in football as there is in horse racing. What you’re suggesting is that Tiger Woods should not be recognised as the world’s best golfer in the first decade of the century because some other inferior player performed above expectations. Are you for real?

  24. Frank, you are right. I’m not suggesting it, but the Arsenal fans here seems to want some form of handicap system based on the amount of spending. Sports should be judged based solely on on-field results and performance.

  25. @ Truegooner Say no to drugs then your opinions may be lucid and worthwhile rather than a complete and utter load of dogsh*t.

  26. @ Misty, Im afraid its impossible for Fergie to be spending twice as much for the same result as Wenger as you claim. Where have you been the last five years? YOU HAVENT WON ANYTHING!!!!! How is this the same as titles pray tell?

  27. @ Tom, Give me strength you numpty. I wondered how long it would be before we get the old Braindead your empire is crumbling you are on the slide garbage. This drum has been banged for the last 7 years or so mate and we keep winning and Fergie keeps making n*b heads like you eat your words year after year but still you never learn. If one of our clubs is in trouble i would say its the one that has won nothing for 5 years and still dont look like winning anything. I wish we were in the pub i really do so I could take £20 off you that we finish above you this season with our ‘sh*tty’ unbeatables 🙂

  28. “Wenger has built a legacy of football, a style, a philosophy and has been true to his beliefs and not spent his way out of trouble.”

    And has won feck all for 6 years.

  29. One mustn’t forget that SAF has built and rebuilt several trophy winning teams, with a combination of homegrown young talent and purchases. AW inherited a team that won him some trophies in the early years but has not been able to rebuild it when the old guard left.

  30. Why don’t we settle this once and for all Gooners? Let awards like this be decided on a handicap system in future? United has won so many honors that they can start a new season on MINUS 20 points. Arsenal built a new stadium so a PLUS 10 points for Wenger will be reasonable. Liverpool are in such a mess that PLUS 30 points for Dalglish will help him avoid relegation and Citeh? The Sheik’s oil may run out unexpectedly so allow Mancini to keep 10 points up his sleeve just in case? Very fair and simple!

  31. @ Frank Scicluna u said it well done a winner is a winner and it can never be disputed, wenger is the winner so he won it no point trying to argue or dispute it, @ the end of the day the table and facts don’t lie so all of you need to grow up and stop complaining. Wenger won it give him credit where credit is due. it say manager of the decade not silver wear coach of the decade that Pep Guardiola not Fergie still that a fact. have a nice day peeps

  32. there are alot of prams with no toys left in the surrey area…
    frank, are you really that slow? the award is not for the amount of trophies won, but for manager of the decade. if you want to make up an award for most trophies in the decade then go for it. you can deliver it to your idol yourself. he’ll probably tell you to get back to your sheltered accomodation.

  33. iam not from the england but i really knew now that what ii hear about arsenal fans that they are whinning babies (like their coach) and dont have a clue about football , they just say good football ,well i didnt see ur good football at oldtrafford last month when didnt make a one good play… i didnt see ur good play against barcelona even in ur own yard, u won over chelsea cuz they are bad not cuz u are gud and iam sure 100% that arsenal wont win the league so just have a life u arsene babies and grow up … why do u come to manutd fan site cuz ur bitter i myself didnt go to any football club website except manutd …thanks for hearing babies hahha

  34. What a bunch of arrogant twats you manure are. The football world has decided that over the past decade Wenger has been the best manager – over and done. (Please take note Scicluna – it has already been decided – hahahaha) You can cry as much as you like. Do you think Barca or RM would prefer Fergie over Wenger? Do you think Inter or Bayern would? You live in your own world, thrive on the hype in the english media who all lick AF’s ass, have your ego’s boosted by results only achieved because of biased english referees like HW-MBE.

  35. I agree, it’s utter shit that Wenger gets this because he’s not won much of note, never won the Champos and never won the individual award itself!

    I ranted about this earlier, and drew up a graph of the top ten or so, and selected others, and it’s no surprise which two managers are streets ahead of the rest – Jose and Sir Alex. You can find it here; http://www.fivecantonas.com/?p=18

    Doesn’t look good for ‘Pool given their managers contribution…

  36. Frank, to be honest if Fergie combines the duty of making money for the club and coaching like Wenger, manU will be religated. What we are talking about here is a combination of a lot of qualities intelligence inclusive. I understand when a bully like Fergie cannot bully his way into this kind of price which Wenger’s attributes trully deserves. Just take heart and go back to manU blog and pls not without congratulating Prof. Arsene Wenger.

  37. So tell me this all you Gooners. How can Guus Hiddink who only spent 4 years at PSV and three months at Chelsea during the decade come in at FIFTH out of 176 coaches? I have immense respect for the man but 5th?

    Then we have Rafa Benitez at NINTH, is that not a joke? That’s only two examples to illustrate how flawed this whole thing is but you guys are desperate to believe that it’s legit. Finally, have another read of the last paragraph in the article

    “Perhaps the best way that such a ludicrous outcome can be explained is to have a look at the following which was written on IFFHS’s own entry on Wikipedia “In a wide range of media there is massive doubt about the significance of IFFHS rankings and elections. German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur abstains from publishing news relating to the IFFHS. Karl Lennartz, a sports historian from Cologne, Germany, calls the organization “obscure”, describing it as a one man show of its chairman Alfredo Poge.”

    But then Wenger has not won anything for years so this gives his fans a chance to celebrate SOMETHING

  38. @ frank he took south korea to world cup got to the semi final also with russia as well as knockout stage with australia, 3 crap team, that y he is on the list

  39. Am blackpool fan all d man fans are blind sir alex is not the best coach of the decade if u talkin silver ware wise that is pep or mourinho,record speak for itself 7 trophy in 2 year not even sir alex can match that nor wenger or mourinho

  40. Calm down ant! NEWSFLASH…Aston Villa Reserves 10 vs Arsenal Reserves 1. So much for Wengers highly vaunted youth development!

  41. Whoa ATL. Ferguson won seven trophies just in 2007-08 and 2008-09 then there was the rest of the silverware won during the decade. Guardiola has only been at Barcelona for a few years of the decade and Mourinho would have been a far more worthy winner than Wenger. That was the WHOLE point of the article, Wenger was far from the best coach/manager of the decade.

    As an Australian, I have nothing but the highest admiration for what Hiddink has done in the World Cup. Gooner fans have emphasised that Wenger was a worthy winner because of his work at Arsenal despite winning very few honours. Hiddink has done very little at that level yet was still rated fifth highest. It’s precisely why this poll can not be regarded as being legit.


  43. lol true true but never in is first 2 season may be in is 20th and 21th season but never is 1st and 2nd so their is still nothing to compare with @frank

  44. @All arsenal fans

    Well according to you winning trophies doesnt really matter since they have been acquired by spending a lot of money. I dont really agree with that but considering it to be true for a moment – then why are fergie and jose ranked so high in the list. Both of them have won more than wenger but have spent more than wenger. but they have also outspent a lot of other coaches on that list namely someone like Roy Hodgson who took fulham to the finals of the europa league. So by your logic fergie and jose should have been farther down the list. Where is the consistency. Winning trophies got them 2nd and 3rd but when it came to wenger then suddenly the money angle comes into play??

  45. If winning silverware doesn’t mean nothing for this award then why are gooners mad they haven’t won anything in 5 seasons?
    I’ve been hearing their fans moan over the lack of silverware but now it seems ok to not win any

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