3 thoughts on “Dalglish fails to deliver as United KO's Liverpool

  1. Hahaha…so after weeks of arguments and drama…we emerged victorious over them…to be frank…we weren’t that fluent and brilliant(as we usually are with the ball this time…but we still did it…Giggs was the best player on the pitch….37 yrs old and he still looked like that 20 years old welsh winger who was making all the news in world football in the 90’s…and he still is……
    The best was part was Owen’s inclusion in the second half…he made 3 very good run in the last 15 minutes and was radiating confidence….our defenders had a very good game…didn’t allowed pool to dominate at all…we are in the 4th round….getting past Southampton shouldn’t be a difficult task!!!

  2. Well done!!!

    Howard Webb’s stunning strike from 25yds, when he was seemingly unsighted and badly placed, was one to remember. He used the linesman’s run – he who was up with play, perfectly positioned, saw nothing of concern, and less than 10yds from the ball – as a perfect dummy manoeuvre to do the unthinkable and unleash the unstoppable whistling effort.

    Credit to the late tumble from Berba, to whom the MotM award went, for his theatrical if somewhat late tumble that created the opportunity and assist for Webb’s goal.

    The only disappointing part of the game was Utd’s inability to add to Webb’s goal, once again stuttering and at times looked ragged, though they held on well to the follicly challenged one’s early lead.

    Well done to Liverpool too who until they were rightly reduced to 10 men looked the better team and more likely to score. However, Gerrard’s horror challenge ended that stage of the game. Though they fought bravely to challenge for the remainder of the game, bar a freekick well saved, they rarely threatened.

    Good game. Looking forward to seeing who Webb draws in the next round and rather hoping he makes the final again. It’s clear to see he’s keen to be more involved in the game than he was in the summer, looking forward to seeing score a few more this season.

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