7 thoughts on “If Dalglish can return, the Doc can follow Ferguson

  1. Hilarious.

    Also, I could have sworn Arsene Wenger didn’t manage Arsenal until 97-98.

    Every club struggles at some point. Don’t count on being at the top forever.

  2. Whoops, totally correct of course thomas. The error has now been corrected but it just goes to show what can happen by taking short cuts while double checking. Many thanks for pointing out the stuff up

  3. Typical, United constantly comparing themselves with Liverpool. The difference is that dalglish was a success as manager(3 leagues and 2 FA cups in 5 years), Doc and Ron were not.

    As for comparing United players with dalglish? Your having a laugh arent you?

    Forever in our shadow.

  4. And someone accuse you of being obsessed with Liverpool!!! How dare they!! The very fact is that this is a no-brainer article. Our clubs have their own set of circumstances to deal with. Sure, yours is among the top clubs globally in recent times, and we are looking to build again (only domestically…compared to you), don’t even see where would the speculation of appointing a past figure or not would even arise at ManU. Just another cheap shot…. but that’s what is expected from u lot

  5. I think bringing Dalglish back to Liverpool was a good decision. Liverpool played well at Old Trafford and apart from the penalty and sending off there was not much in the game.

  6. @Ryan: in our shadow, yeah thats why you’re on a united forum. sure Ryan, sure,
    You’re shite and you know you are
    You’re shite and you know you are
    You’re shite and you know you arrrrre
    You’re shite and you know you arrrrrreee

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