51 thoughts on “RIP City’s Neil Young, United fans show respect

  1. CityBlue is obviously one of these dinosaurs that wants the hatred to remain, he thrives on it, it makes him feel as though he belongs.

    Perhaps he should get a grip, get a life and grow up.

    Painting the whole world of Man Utd fans as some kind of demon is an absolute nonsense and his comments are displayed clearly for what they are.

    The countdown clock is banter, I am sure City fans will love it when it gets ripped down WHEN you win something. Banter is great, just like when City put the poster of Tevez up. It is all banter, aimed at the other club. We sing about trophies, you sing about coming from Manchester. Whatever, it’s all good.

    The line should be and (for most of us) is drawn at death.

    Sad, sad, sad individual…

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