51 thoughts on “RIP City’s Neil Young, United fans show respect

  1. Blimey. I only got here because I’m a Leicester City fan (FA Cup Final 1969 etc) but this article has restored my faith in many things, but most particularly Manchester United fans. Top write-up, well done that man.

    RIP Neil Young – I’m afraid I know very little about you, but the tribute I saw paid by the Manchester City fans at the Leiceter-Manchester City game recently must have meant he was a good man.


  2. I know many blues, myself included, have been most impressed with many United fans and their handling of what is a desperately sad time for Nelly`s family, and our City community.

    Certain things will always matter more than what is ultimately just a game, and I thank you for your decency.

    Nelly was a victory for the city of Manchester, and not only MCFC. He was one of ours.

  3. It’s a sad day for football. True football fan’s appreciate any footballing great. Rivalry can only go so far, thanks to the Frank and all over United fan’s who are truly respectful.

    RIP Neil.

    Tom, City fan, Manchester.

  4. Rest in peace Neil. I remember that goal very well.

    You were a credit to Manchester, to football and humanity.

  5. Thanks mate. Shows that we can be civil and respectful to each other when things like this put bitter football rivalry into perspective.
    RIP Neil.

  6. RIP Neil Young

    Overshadowed by the ‘Big 3’ at the time, but what a fantastic player,always popped up to slot in the winner…!!

    A great credit to football, and to the city of Manchester..!!

    ..’from an old stretford ender..!!

  7. @Cityboy, I admit to being an old fart but I would love to go back to the days when there was no hate in the game – just good, old fashioned rivalry with respect on both sides

  8. Human dignity and respect for your fellow man should tower over any footballing rivalry so well done to the author and this website. Sadly I would imagine you are in the minority of United fans who are able to show such decency and compassion.

    However I would once again commend you for your sentiments and wish there were more like you. I know, as a lifelong City fan, how proud I was to stand in silence and honour those who perished in the Munich disaster at the derby game and how proud I was that to a man, woman and child, the City fans were impeccable.

    Thank you for honouring Neil Young he will be so sadly missed.

  9. Apologies for offending you CiTyBlUe but I DO happen to be a United fan, this IS where I express my opinions and in case you don’t realise it, United supporters ARE human beings not just fans. Apart from that, please go back to your small, hatred filled mob that football can well do without.

  10. I don’t know what to say, thanks for this wonderful piece and can I mirror what David Walker said. There is so much bile on the internet. Your a credit to Manchester United.

    RIP Nelly

  11. Anyone who believes this is short of something, Ex United star David May arranges party to celebrate 35 years of City winning nothing on the very same week City Legend Neil Young dies.

    You United fans will always be scum in my eyes, your just using our Neil Young to make yourselves look better poeple than you actually are.

    You still to this very day use the Munich disaster as a publicity stunt to gain, your club are a disgrace to humanity.

    Your club also used the recent mining disaster victims as a publictiy stunt also.

  12. If your going to show respect for Neil Young then do it as a human being, don’t do it as a United fan on a United website as if you make it look more than it is.

    Did you ever think of commenting on a City blog or board, leaving a tribute message for Neil and his family?

    Could you bring yourself to not use the ‘I am a United fan’ to start the message off?

  13. It is not that hard to see a full of it United fan hiding behind his age, as if seperates them from hatred filled mob as you so point out.

    Your just as much arrogant as your next fellow United fan and you certainly are not even old enough to of lived the days when both clubs had a not split divide.

    My family are descened fans as far back as West Gorton, a split family of red and blue so don’t try blind me with your little fluffy clouds.

    Im sure if anyone wants to sift through your past articles, that they will find some level of anti City rant, Like I said don’t make out your one of the gang that supported both clubs because your not old enough.

    My hatred for you lot is well founded and that is coming from a City fan with a United fan for a father, I respect him because he has kept football matters away from the family and allowed me to choose my own route and I followed my grandfather.

    Your just another United fan using the fact your a United fan so highlight your article, any real human being would have not used and abused their position like you have.

  14. Apologies for the spelling mistakes but people like you really get on my nerves, you can get more honesty from the cockroach infested site you call Republik of Mancunia.

  15. City Blue, I think your beeing a little out of order. The David May thing is horrendous. I feel that Frank has been nothing but a gent. LEts not turn this page into a tit for tat.

    Well done Frank.


  16. Brad that is your opinion but I am not tolerating this bollox about United fans showing respect for a City legend, he could have kept United out of it and shown respect as a fellow human being on a site other than a United site.

    These scumbags have history of using their own and other peoples loses as publicity stunts, they have to be ousted for it because it is wrong.

    Did no one see the way they tried to use the Mining disaster as a publicity stunt, even their elderly legends were in on it and it is a total disgrace.

    My opion stands, Frank your no diferent from any other United fan period.

  17. CityBlue – you should shut your big heartless mouth.

    I’m a blue, a big blue, East stand, upper tier.

    And to hear you coming out with that makes me sick to my very core.

    You’re a disgrace.

    Well done to the author for this article and any other United fans showing their respects.

    I apologise from the whole of Manchester City for that man CityBlue

    I think I can safely say Neil Young would be ashamed of him.

  18. Thank you from an old City fan who saw Nelly from the youth team up to our winning a few trophys.In the early 60s if i was not going to an away game i used to go to OT just to watch a game but was still a blue.Saw George Best make his debut,Harry Gegg playing up front against Spurs laying a goal on for Pancho Pearson,and one Wednesday after City had lost 3-1 at Luton in a replay of a match abandoned on the Saturday [Law 6goals,and still wet through to this day}United plated Sheffield Wednesday in a reply and lost 7-2 i think an Irishman called Briggs was in goal.Its just so sad to see how fans are with oneanother now.Anyway thank you again for your tribute to Nelly

  19. I’m a 59 year old City fan who saw Neil in his prime; indeed, I was behind the goal at Wembley when Nelly smashed it into the net. God Bless Him and RIP.

    Many thanks for this fine article from a supporter of our neighbours. Appreciated

  20. I’m sorry for CityBlue. I’m a City fand, have been for over 43 years. Never liked United and never will but I’m afraid that your comments are out of order. If as you profess you hate United then fine. There is no need for you to come on here and spill your bile. You are the same as the United fans that come on our sites and do likewise. Football would just be better of without you.

    I feel that respect has been shown to our Nelly and it should be accepted for that.

    Thank you.

  21. Have to agree with most of what CiTyBlUe says. This reads like a cynical attempt to make United fans appear as though they’ve got “class” – something some of them continually find the need to bang on about.

  22. I being United fan pay a tribute to Niel Young.. As this stands the Sorrowfull day for the football world.. May god give his soul a peace nd place in heaven..

    To u cityblue wat ever the rivalry is its only on the pitch not outside.. Football world is another world where even thou they play against each other on the pitches but still they are the family members… And Author has used the Word United fan to let some ppl know that this tribute is being payed by on the behalf of united.. If he hasn’t wrote hw cn anyone in the world can come to know that whether united fans had paid its tribute or not…

    The word “United fans” is not a only word its represent the whole united family fans name.. So nxt time keep ur mouth nd narrow mind away.. ur here to create a tibute to legend just do that don’t make nusaince here…

  23. @ m beany,Well said mate.The article was an opportunity to pay respects to a human being,a player for an rival team.
    City Blue, consistently carries on these vile tirades,”you can get more honesty from the cockroach infested site you call the Republik of Mancunia”. He is disgusting.!
    Many of those “Cockroaches” you write of, I consider to be my friends.
    RIP. Mr Young.

  24. while united allow that pathetic countdown on the old stretford end there will always be hatred between city and united rather than rivalry.
    Of course when city win a trophy this season or next then the sad crettins who alter it will probably go back to 1 instead of retiring it, sad ,sad , people, need to get a life!
    But how sad is the actual club for leaving it there permantly?
    pathetic club, pathetic fans,……….

  25. ming the merciless Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 5:23 (pathetic club, pathetic fans),………. Do you not actually see how lame your comment is?I am not going to get into a debate over the history and tradition and silverware that United have accumulated throughout the years in comparison to Manchester City.
    This article was to commemorate one of your “Icon’s” which you simply dont have the decency to do!

  26. CITYBLUE You are a disgrace to REAL City fans! Using one of YOUR OWN players deaths as a way to have a pop at United is DIGUSTING! The Author of this site was expressing his respect to the death of a human being and you bring up David May’s 35 year party. If that’s what he wants to do that’s fine but not every United supporter will be there including me and I’m certainly not taking this oppourtunity to have pop at City about not winning trophys, thats for the terraces NOT ON A TRIBUTE TO THE DEATH OF AN EX PLAYER.
    Hang your head in shame, you are a disgrace to your Club, your fans and Manchester City should be ashamed to have you as a fan. If you hate United so much what on Earth are you and CheadleBlue doing on a United Blog?!?!

  27. I would like to thank all of the reds. It puts rivalry into perspective and what happens on the pitch. As much as i dislike Utd as a club i respect them even though i dont like to admit it to hardened blues. It is important that when someone loses their life many people are affected, im sure Neil Young had many friends who played or supported Utd.
    The munich disaster was devastating, lives were lost and families torn apart yet there is a minority of City fans who let our great club down with embarassing chants. Thats a step to far and lets not forget an ex City player got killed on that plane.
    The banter is expected, lets admit we all love it, lets make sure a line is drawn between banter and pure nastiness!

  28. Typical red,my comment was to explain why we city fans dispise utd and their fans, do tell me any other club in world football that officially celebrates another clubs lack of success?
    you and your fellow fans can cry crocodile tears all you want, i will remember nelly young on city sites and at his funeral …………

  29. Er, so rich isn’t it? City sing about The Munich Air disaster for years and when we show respect to one of their ex-players we are the criminals. Can’t even show our respects without you all still wanting a slagging match. I really do give up with you minority, you a disgrace to your club and out-and-out Hypocrites! I’m not wasting any more time with you lot. Bye R.I.P Neil Young

  30. Fook off for once in your life Scot the Red rag from Republik of cockroaches.

    Thanks Mick, glad to see a City fan will back me up on this, clearly this article is nothing but a play to make United fans look like the good people they are not.

    This is nothing more than a clear use of City’s loss, just like they still use the Munich disaster as a publicity stunt.

    Once scum always scum and it just don’t wash off.

  31. Well done mate. RIP young

    We must remember city fans too were good on the 50th anniversary of munich air disaster..

  32. I really don’t know why I bother with cretins like you CiTyBlUe! There was a similar tribute to Bolton Wanderers legend Nat Lofthouse on this site only last week. There will also be future ones whenever players who I respected as I was growing up pass away – irrespective of who they played for. I can also guarantee that there would have been plenty of tributes to George Best on Manchester City websites and others when he died five years ago. Were they to make the writers “Look Good?” NO, it was simply because it was the decent thing to do.

  33. “CiTyBlUe Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 5:51 PM
    Fook off for once in your life Scot the Red rag from Republik of cockroaches”
    I am not Scott the Red, lets clear that up immediately.I dont care what nonesense or hatred you carry.I only want to make it clear,I dont like the way you are disrespecting not only your own player, and your own Fans.
    The lads on Rom, can most certainly show more dignity and humility than you clearly can.
    That is this subject closed, as far as i am concerned, its not the type of article, to have a mud slinging contest.I will say for you,what you clearly cant. “RIP, Mr Young.

  34. Thanks to all those United fans expressing their condolences to Neil and City fans. We are all passionate about our teams and there will always be a rivalry between the two, my family and friends are split between both teams but we share friendly banter not bile infested spew like some fans seem to spout. This article was a hand shake from United fans to help us City fans mourn the passing of a City legend! Guys dissing take a break and a chill pill!!

  35. Well said BlueWolf. We often forget that before we became fans of our chosen clubs we were football fans first and foremost – exactly as you put it.

  36. I just want to say thank you. I know we have our rivalries and we often do not see eye-to-eye (actually, never), but I appreciate what you have done here.
    We support our teams and our players, no matter what, and we will come down on the opposition for no other reason than just because. However, I want to distance myself from the City fans who cannot accept that sometimes in the face of tragedy we can become as one: simply football fans.
    Cheers, Frank.

  37. Frank, I apologise for the couple of City fans who have dissed your great article. It is very bad taste to use your tribute to Stoke up so much hatred. Luckily for this great footballing City idiots like that are in the minority.
    For Gods sake one of our own has just died here, you would think some people would show a bit of respect to a rival fan who has shown a bit of class.

  38. It is sad that a genuine attempt to pay respects has been undermined by a mindless idiot that masquerades as a City fan. No true fan of football no matter whether red or blue clad would ever spout such despicable vitriol. Those that do are taking rivalry to the level of depravity. City and United fans come from families that more often then not span both sides of the divide. I know there are both blue and red in my extended family. As a footballing gentleman dies, the morons cannot resist besmirching his name by using it as a platform for their venom. I thank the United fans on here firstly for their condolences, and secondly for not reacting too much to the hateful sentiments of the minority. We will always have our rivalry, it belongs on the pitch and on the terraces an is to be cherished. When it spills beyond those boundaries it becomes distasteful, and that is when it tends to escalate into violence. No true football fan wants that.

  39. Many thanks Cityboy but please, there are no apologies needed. If truth be told, we have some fans who we’re ashamed of as well – as does every club. Cheers

  40. Neil young was a lovely boy(He once pushed me around Platt Fields Park in my pram)a lovely man,a great footballer and a City legend,stop all this vitriol. Just RIP Neil is all thats needed if your Blue or Red doesn’t matter.Respect.

  41. “If truth be told, we have some fans who we’re ashamed of as well – as does every club. Cheers”

    Amen to that and a lovely tribute to Neil. Cheers to you too, Frank.

  42. Amen too to that Frank.

    CityBlue lacks basic human decency – its probably some sort of imbalance in his brain that’s contributed to it.

    I pity him, and people like him for turning a Neil Young tribute into such a vile tirade of hate.

    I was at the West Brom game today and Neil got a good send off from true city fans. Great to see.

  43. Cityblue can’t you just said thanks for kindness and respect of Utd fans and not fight with Utd and City fans because this is not a time or place to fight but to give a respect to a great footballer and for sure great man.

    Rest in peace Neil Young.

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