42 thoughts on “Why Summerbee has a right to be a bitter Blue

  1. brad the bitter blue, bless. and your shoddy lot of benefit cheating inbreds could only number 20,000 from the same family (one mother but diffrent fathers), same council estate, same house, same no-jobs and same 35 years of winning sweet f all! And please explain how you know that the Scandanavians and Nigerians belong to 74,000 Japs!!! Illiterate twit!!

  2. Awcome on Brad, that’s a bit unfair – there must have been at least 30000 Mancs in the crowd as well – you know, the ones who are FORCED to buy cup tickets? PMSL!

  3. hehehe

    “the end is nigh for United Part LVXXIV”

    gets funnier every time – so what are Ciddy gonna be parading around “their” city in the open top bus this season? Answer: A commemorative video of ther 0-0 home draw against United when they put 10 defenders in front of their goalie. Problem is, nobody will turn up for the parade because their mythical supporters don’t acutally exist. Well, not outside of Stockport anyway.

    Keep trying – keep dreaming. Even your sugar daddy that tried to buy you trophies is a failure. You despised us spending big on players but at least it was our money – not Arab money. Losers. :-)))))

  4. Silly little Rag. Obsessed much? You certainly are. Perhaps your cockney colleages are tired of your poor attempts at writing and therefore your hits are down, so you are now relying on articles mentioning City to pick up hits off NewsNow.

    We are on the way up, you are on the decline. We know it, you know it, and that’s why you and the self-interested so-called journos are growing increasingly bitter. Keep it up – it’s great to see you mugs raging 😀

    PS: Great performance against the mighty Crawley XD

  5. Are you blaming city for the biased of sky sports? how twisted your sick mind works. an attendence of 74.000 is impresive admited, but at lease our fans got value for there 10/15 pound tickets, whist united force there fans into cup games against there wil, the country/world is full of yuppy rags and tourist waiting to get to there first ever game. whilst working class city fans strugle in a credit crunch! as a city fan i hate to see 27.000 at a game like this but if your from manchester and speak to city fans in this great city you would understand that the normal working man/woman is broke. we cant all be the most supported club team in world football! and we actually dont want to be! and there was 30.000 est crawly fans at the swamp.

  6. I don’t usually get involved in this kind of thing but feel compelled too.

    Firstly I must say how dussapointed I am in myself. I read the headline and thought a Man U fan was writing something objective about my club. Sadly, I was wrong again.

  7. Sorry James, I simply cannot be bothered responding to such garbage. Does anyone else wish to?

  8. The article states the facts…City have no class…no trophies…and no direction…. carry on because us “Rags” think its feckin hilarious…

    35 ….”jog on”… bitters

  9. Apologies for disappointing you Kev the blue. If you think about it, that headline is VERY objective but not in the way you assumed it to be.

  10. Luckily enough for us youre nearing the end of youre sorry existance of a life.

    This is why I think your a dick and are no different from your scummy fans, to think one or two City fans were on here not so long ago defending you against me, another City because you produced a nice little article for a City legend.

    They fell for it hook, line and sinker but I do not and my opinion of you scum stands.

    The only one deluded here is you you stinking ugly old fart, it is a damn fact most of the editor’s of the Daily outlet etc are fooking rags.

    Obviously youre just a jumped up punk of an old man who spouts off trying to play journalist, you actually know absolutely nothing about what goes on outside youre own little buuble.

  11. You rags are starting to sound like scratched records, (steve the red) what a nasty peace of work you are. …. only cowards insult others from behind a computer,, spoilt little child!

    This website is very badly put together an user unfreindly. i press ,(submit comment) and it jumps to the top page. impossible to use!

  12. This artical is typical of the bullish and bull$hitt mentality of a united fan..how people like you become jernals is lafable hahahahahahah. please. your nothing compaired with legend mike summabee. nothing! the treatment he was under on sky was not nice, and jamie rednob should show more respect to someone of his age. ( FRANK you dont even know your born fella) hhahaha

  13. James….does your parents know that you are using there computer?? Put your blue dummy back in fella… and chew on a farleys… as it is you thats the pratt… 35 and counting…..(Sesame Street is good for counting).

  14. ‘Manchester United’s FA Cup tie against non league Crawley Town at Old Trafford on Saturday drew an official attendance of 74,778 in a 76,000 capacity stadium who paid the normal, premium ticket prices’

    Really cos I got told u could get tickets for this game starting at £27 with a £10 discount with the game code so that starting at £17, but of course u being a ‘real Utd’ fan would know better than Utd’s website wouldn’t u!! LOL.
    Oh there is the small mater of Utd season ticket holders being FORCED to pay for the game tickets 52,000 of them to be exact! Now then add 10,000 Crawley fans and that leaves 12,000 utd fans who bought tickets of free will (not looking that clever after all eh?)the other thousand+ tickets no one could be arsed buying!!
    Hey Frankie boy I wonder if City forced their seasons to buy cup tickets just like Utd how many would be there? Hmmmm guess we will never no but it’s pretty obvious. U sad, sad tool!!

  15. Not Bein funny but as a utd fan I agree that I never hear a MANCUNIAN next to me at old Trafford – I work in city centre hotel and u wouldn’t believe how full hotels are with scandanavians inparticular, and they actually stay 3 nghts – not one – obviously Citys support is local and due to the cash flow problems in the city and country as a whole, MANCUNIANS cannot afford to go to every game, utd will never have that problem Coz we attract world-wide support unlike city – fact, but I get fed up with the amount of non English/ or local support united lack.

  16. Come on Frankie post it what up? Man up granpa, U not done checking the facts yet? P.S. You may want to consider changing that pic it looks kinda creepy might scare off some of the punters as they seem quite childish!! Oh and if you don’t want City fans commenting on your inaccurate blogs don’t put them on City’s news now page! As that is what u have done.

  17. Ohh the bitter blues…it really is funny to watch u turbin bashers harp on about “we’ve got the best support”. “we r better than u now”..bla bla fckin bla..and yet here we r with r shite team top of the league..it makes me laugh..were r the facts to back this all up??Manchester is red and always will be ur stadium is always half empty..u spend how much yet look were u r,u offer all these scum bags money to were ur shirt and least we can offer trophies..ur time will never come,I mean maybe an inter toto cup but that’s it,the rag heads will realise the shite they’ve bought and do a fuckin runner..oh and mike summerbee is a fat bitter prick that truely represents u twats..all hail fergie

  18. No problem with posting your comments UR etc. because it shows up your total lack of basic intelligence. You obviously have no idea how the News Now system works so let me tell you. As soon as something is published here it gets picked up by News Now and THEY decide what club sites it goes on. We have absolutely no say in the matter. As for your other banalities, they’re not worth responding to.

  19. I have to say I was shocked at how childish he came across on Sky Sports and he embarrassed himself and his team, so much so that I emailed him to see if he wanted my 5 year old niece to teach him how to conduct himself around adults.

    I can understand him feeling this way straight after the match as it was a sucker punch that would knock the wind out of any one but to come out this far down the line and say that there is a witch hunt toward Man City and that people are biased toward United is a joke. Every one knows that people in this Country support anyone that is playing United (unless a United fan of course). The difference is we take jealousy as a compliment not a dig but I suppose we are used to it by now.

    Oh and James, it seems quite Ironic that you should say “only cowards insult people from behind their computer” but then go on to insult everyone that you possibly can. You’re not only a coward but judging by some of your insults you are also a nasty piece of work and whomever is reading this to you should stop and advise you to use your brain to read rather than spout off vile poison just because your team sucks donkey shlong and ours is the biggest in the world.

    Anyway, why are all the City fans on a Reds site?? Maybe they’re hoping that if they rub shoulders with us, some of the winning mentality may start to rub off. Well if you ask me you can go and rub your self off, at least that way you may have a chance of winning something. hehehe 🙂

  20. Fair play to your posting Frank. I’m sure if u email news now and told them to stop posting on City’s pages you would get some rest from these pesky City fans commenting here after you just wrote a load of bullsxxt regarding both teams!! ‘As for your other banalities, they’re not worth responding to.’ Banalities, Frank? They are facts and facts that you make your whole post around at that! Which u are either aware of or just don’t know, which if the later is the case is embarrassing to say the least. Do u think I made my pionts up Frank? Now Frank that’s what I would say makes you look a tad bitter, making up total un-factual rubbish. Or maybe you could comment in those banalities, maybe just to clear it up for your fellow Utd fans at least lol.

  21. UR, I don’t know why I even bother to respond to your attempts at twisting the truth. You want us to believe that your arguments are based on facts. Well mate, the only FACTS that cannot be argued against are Old Trafford 74,778 on Saturday and 27,276 at Eastlands on Sunday. Everything else is immaterial spin.

  22. Yes nicki i ended up geting abit mad, i admit. some people dont react well to insults,and lies,summerbee included, but believe me, im no coward. and i didnt start the insults.

  23. ‘Manchester United’s FA Cup tie against non league Crawley Town at Old Trafford on Saturday drew an official attendance of 74,778 in a 76,000 capacity stadium who paid the normal, premium ticket prices.’ Two points that are N OT QUITE RIGHT OR MADE UP by u here Frankie boy are: 1, That this game drew 74,778 to the game, it did not 52,000 were going to be counted as they were FORCED not DRAWN to this game. Or rather forced to pay, not quite the way u make it sound is it Frank? If City did the same don’t u think there attendance be higher?. Are u getting it Frank? Or is your superior intellect letting u down in your old age?

    2, You said these Utd fans paid the ‘normal premium ticket prices’ oh dear Frank they were also paying heavily discounted ticket prices starting at £17 u plumb lol. IS THIS WRONG FRANK? I think you can clearly see who is doing the twisting here or is the fact you made these points up or bent them to breaking point immaterial or spin? Can u man up enough to admit that any of these points are wrong and that they are only there to help give your snide dig at City credibility? Didn’t think so.

    Hey Frank you seem like a very cleaver Utd fan, as cleaver as one can be I suppose. Why not Try my quiz frank it’s a bit of a history lesson for you seeing as your so high on attendances. You never know you might learn something about the club ur a fan of! 1, Who would you say has sold out more games this season not including forced cup games. Utd or City? 2, Who sold all there season tickets and who did not. Utd or City? 3, Where did a million fan waiting list for season tickets go? 4, Who hasn’t won any thing for 34 years but has had one of the top attendances in the country regardless of which division they were in for many years? 4, Who has won shed loads over the last 20 years and still could not sell all their season tickets and force sell cup match tickets. Utd or City? 5, Which club when running through around a 16 year pot less streak could only get an average crowd of 11,685 and then 7 yrs later when there pot less streak rose again to 23 yrs and were challenging for the title (finishing 2nd in the top flight) but could still only muster a pitiful 26,633 average even though the ground held well in excess of 70,000? must be City eh Frank. 6, Who has the highest league and cup attendances at there respective grounds City or Utd? Hope this interested u as you are obviously very into attendance facts lol. Oh course Frank this is the past, but at your age I’m sure you know that is what both the present and the future turn into.

  24. UR etc, I am rapidly losing patience with you and your crazy rants but I’m trying hard to keep my cool. For the last time, these are the ONLY FACTS which nobody, not even you, can argue with. Read them slowly so that you may finally be able to digest them. Old Trafford on Saturday 74,778, Eastlands on Sunday 27,276. What is it that you cannot understand about something which is so crystal clear?

  25. HAHA frank, you just got told.hahahhahahaha. im pissing myself at you.!hahhahhahhhhhahhhahhh,flaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhyyyyeeeeeee. night night frank, dont have bad dreams fella. I give URFULLOF 1991 an A star for his blog. cos it was great! and full of true facts frank, not like your article franky boy! lol. no hard feeling hay frank.night night…ps sorry about my outbursts earlyer. hahhhahahhahahhhahhahahhahahhahhhahhaahhhhahh

  26. And before i go frank. our attendences are the 4th highest in the premier league, not bad 4 a club that hasnt won anything for 35 years hay frank, credit due franky please.

  27. Average attendances so far this season James

    1 Manchester United 75,007
    2 Arsenal 60,008
    3 Newcastle United 46,953
    4 Manchester City 46,416

    *Newcastle, get that? Newcastle who has won even less than City in the last half century, has a higher average attendance than the ‘Worlds wealthiest club!”

    *Manchester United, has a 62% higher average attendance than “The biggest club in town”

    I fail to see what you’re trying to say except that City has not achieved anything of note since the late 60’s. So what exactly is your point?

  28. Well Frank u are right the two attendances numbers are fact, shame u couldn’t keep it that way! Did I ever say these numbers were wrong. That’s not under any dispute at all. What is however is that you have lied about or are completely clueless as to how they came about i.e. 52,000 forced to go and none were forced to go at City and you celebrate this as a victory! Lets not forget ur lies/not knowing about Utd’s ticket pricing as well. Funny how both were bent to give suit your story with out letting people know why Utd’s attendance was this high or about the real pricing. If you wrote a blog saying Utd’s attendance was 74,778 and City’s was 27,276 you would be right, but you didn’t did you Frank. Please don’t lose ur cool Frank as I think as Utd bloggers go ur not to bad at all and I’d hate to see that old ticker pack in lol. Now u need to read this slowly yourself Frankie, go on get ya reading glasses and answer just 2 questions that’s no more just the 2 questions! Does you blog above contain inaccuracies i.e. ‘Manchester United’s FA Cup tie against non league Crawley Town at Old Trafford on Saturday DREW an official attendance of 74,778’ inaccuracy here being that 74,778 were DRAWN to this game when the real number DRAWN was 22,778 the remaining 52,000 were not DREW but were gonna be there what ever happened. So WERE 52,000 OF THE 74,778 UTD FANS GONNA COUNTED WHATEVER HAPPENED? The other inaccuracy is that Utd fans ‘ PAID THE NORMAL, PREMIUM TICKET PRICES’ IS THIS REALLY WHAT HAPPENED OR WERE THEY HEAVILY SUBSIDISED LIKE CITY’S? You can see the two questions Frank go on try to answer them (not like a politician though). Again as u may have slight dementia I’ll say again Utd had 74,778 and City had 27,276 this is fact Frank. Now answer Frankie come on u can do it I even put them in caps lock for u so u don‘t get confused. I look forward to u a) ignoring them totally b) skirting around them as much as u can (as u have already) lol. P.S. don’t lose patience Frank no one else is putting any comments on the site chill, put ur feet up and relax!

  29. more to the point frank, whats your point? 2 apparent manchester clubs(1 of them the biggest club in world football) and 1 in newcastle , newcastle fans have no chioce bless em,(unless thay chose to support united.) but that would make them fakes frank, abit like you. maybee you wrote his article to take the attention away from the fact that 12 man UTD 1. crawly 0
    and man city 5. 12 man notts county 0, accured at the same time, so you would rather tell some lies instead frank.
    and newcastle can be very proud of there support, real salt of the earth people.not like you franky!

  30. I’m trying to say Frank that City fans could not buy tickets for more home games than Utd could as we sold out more than ‘The greatest club in the world’ well in your own minds any how! Frank don’t forget who started talking shxt r.e. attendances, that’s right u did .Also are u saying that City are the 4th best supported club in England? Hey that don’t really fit to good with your story above Frank does it? It’s good to see ur checking the stats though! Yes Newcastle have great fans to. Imagine how many plastic fans like Utd (no offence Frank)have attracted that those 2 could if they won something, this is in modern day football for u, I’m mean look at Chelsea not long ago they were struggling to get 18,000 what a difference a trophy or two make!

  31. And believe it or not frannk, city are not the wealthiest club in club football. we have the richest owners, a buisness wealth is based on turn over and profit margins. another fact you may like to forget to remember, but we are much wealthier than UTD though, now thats a fact!

  32. UR etc, the reason that ‘no one else is putting any comments on the site’ is because you have become so totally boring. You insist on putting up what you call REASONS which are in effect no more than EXCUSES for City’s failures. The plain, simple FACTS can never be disputed but you persist in trying to find a way around them.

    I hate to get into personal details but A) I have never pretended that I was a politician B) Dementia has never been a problem with me…so far, touch wood C) You can rest assured that my ticker is not about to pack it in and D) An attendance of 74,778 WAS DRAWN to Old Trafford, how can you possibly argue against that fact? ONLY 27,276 was at Eastlands 24 hours later, so again, how can you possibly try and find a way around that?

    To be fair, you have not disputed those facts but you have certainly made a determined attempt to find reasons for them. Please understand that what you’re trying to prove is totally beside the point. Is it so hard to accept the FACT that nearly three times as many football fans made the effort to go to Old Trafford on Saturday as they did at Eastlands on Sunday? Is it so difficult to accept that City can not now or ever match the drawing power that United have had for more than half a century? Once you accept that reality, you can “chill, put ur feet up and relax!”

  33. I’ll get the answers from u tomoz Frank as I’m going bed (it’s late here) I won’t hold my breath though (u would like if I did I’ll bet). Well nighty night frankie don’t let the bed bugs bite, oh and as james said don’t have nightmares!

  34. Ha ,Frank could not bring yourself to do it eh? Again 52,000 did not make the effort they were forced or many may have not even have been there are u sure u dont have Dementia as I have said this many times! And it is a fact too. What stopped u answering question 2 was it the fact that as a Utd fan u just could admit to being wrong? Well Frank u have let me down and what is ‘You insist on putting up what you call REASONS which are in effect no more than EXCUSES for City’s failures’ supposed to mean? Winning is something ur fans need not mine. Frank this may shock u but many clubs have not won things for a long time or aren’t successful in fact don’t know if you have noticed but modern football is a bit of a monopoly and only certain teams get the winners money to build with. Utd have won much Frank but this has nothing what so ever to do with u, or me that’s right Frank not one bit. I will give u the benefit of doubt on u being a glory hunter or not. As that’s one thing your club has plenty of and it’s sad but inevitable that my club will also attract these wanker fans if they do win, I’d rather not win fuck all for another 34 yrs that have fake ex other team fans supporting my club Frank I could‘nt take being near them. The game of football has turned into a vile and disgusting mess since the start of the prem and I 4 1 can’t wait for the whole house of cards to collapse so it can start again. Night Frank.

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