George Best

Why Summerbee has a right to be a bitter Blue

It’s disappointing when former highly talented players become bitter as they age. Although he spent his best years in the blue of Manchester City, Mike Summerbee was a close friend and business partner of Manchester United icon George Best while he was also widely respected by most red fans. He now sadly seems to have developed a huge chip on his shoulder as he attacked the British media by claiming that it’s biased against his old club. That was just a few days after an embarrassing performance on Sky TV following United’s 2-1 win over City in which he confessed that “I did lose my temper a little bit”. Was that simply the frustration of yet another defeat at the hands of a hated rival or was it reflecting the strongly held bitterness felt by so many City fans?

Countless Gareth Macklins for every Ryan Giggs

Manchester United fans have celebrated icons like Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs for two decades but spare a thought for the countless number of starry eyed kids who fall by the wayside for a variety of reasons – some through no other fault than their own. Belfast boy Gareth Macklin was one of them as Bob Cass from the MailOnline discovered. A treasured photo illustrates the ultimate schoolboy dream. A beaming 14 year old signs the paper which will open the door to a glittering football career with the world’s most famous club. There to witness the moment are two proud parents and Sir Alex Ferguson. That was 16 years ago.