2 thoughts on “Countless Gareth Macklins for every Ryan Giggs

  1. I must admit that the name Gareth Macklin did not ring any bells with me until I came across his story. I’m not sure that it’s a specific Irish problem because his experience can be repeated many, many times with boys from all over the world. Sad but very, very true.

  2. An interesting post and thanks for this. I am probably one of the few people who remembers this young man and he did indeed go with high hopes. Maybe it is a Northern Ireland, or maybe even a Belfast thing. After all we did have our George and we did have Alex Higgins. Norman Whiteside had a reputation for being wild but managed to survive and we also had Keith Gillespie who went with even brighter hopes than ever worked out. It’s hard to explain why talented people have a self destruct button but some of them seem to have.

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