2 thoughts on “Chelsea opens race but it's still United or Arsenal

  1. With Wenger’s youth policy development for the last 5 years, as a Gooner I’ve missed the Fergie/Wenger duel, but with the fixtures set for an end of season head-off, its great to have these two squaring up again. Chelsea have bored everyone inbetween, but now we have the original enemies nose-to-nose for the Mother of all finales! I thought 1989 would never be bettered, but this year could top even that when you look at the goal difference – same conceded etc., Wow! May the best team win- which must be Arsenal, no? I think we just deserve it in the quality of football played, but the game at the Emirates will be a Winner Takes All epic!

  2. I don’t know what went wrong. For the first time in an away game in the league we were very good, and satisfactory. We were not at all shaky and made no mistakes. In fact we were looking more confident up in front with our link up plays and chances. When rooney scored i was ecstatic. After that Chelsea never looked dangerous, but out of no where luiz scored. EVEN after that i thought that the game will be settling for a draw because Chelsea once again didn’t looked dangerous but then suddenly they got a pen and bang!!
    It’s a gigantic blow and with vidic suspended for the Liverpool game on Sunday, things went from bad to worse. But we gotta pick ourselves up once again and we have to get a positive result at anfield at any cost!!!!…GO RED DEVILS!!!

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