5 thoughts on “Football justice has to be just for all

  1. You’re absolutely right of course Scott, I must have got carried away. Thanks for pointing it out, the error has now been corrected.

  2. How did that piece of scouse scum stay on the pitch?Nani should have stayed down, and the idiotic ref consulted the linesman for a second opinion! same old scouse rats Im afraid!

  3. in the gaa in ireland the players name can be taken for an offence…they then can get booked after that or they can get booked straight away depending on how bad the offence is… it does work well for minor offence`s but you`ll never have fifa, uefa, or the fa making a logical change like that!!!!

  4. I truly believe the Reffs. association is OWN by Cesspool (Liverpool)
    and has always been so.
    that is absolutely disgusting what they done to penalty taker, they would have giving a Cesspool player a f k medal.
    efn scums just like the cesspool players.

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