5 thoughts on “Why Ferguson's 5 match ban will NOT harm United

  1. The answer to your question in a word is no!!!

    If anything Ferguson will use the FA’s stupidity in giving this touchline ban to fuel the team to super human efforts!

    Fergie is the master of the team talk, and he will ratchet up the them & us mentality to give his team the winning edge!

    I have been an great admirer of fergies tactics over his time at United, and you would think the half brains and Chelsea lovers at the FA would have worked out by now that anything you do against united will be used to bite back on the field of play.

  2. May well be CP but you seem to be forgetting that we’re talking about Sir Alex and Manchester United here.

  3. And how have his past bans ruined our game? Not much. This was just another try to throw the book at him, other managers can vent their feelings, but who cares about low profile managers? Roy Keane opening up would also get the same treatment. CP in Finland by the way stands for “cerebral palsy”.

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