7 thoughts on “What has taken Liverpool so long to win 19?

  1. Agree Toots, any manager apart from the Spanish waiter would have won the title two years ago DESPITE the shit owners!

  2. haha those losers scousers will forever kept mum when we’ll win the 19th title!
    there will be no doubt OFFICIALLY that who the best club in England!
    man how i love being an ardent united fan! GGMU!!! 😀

  3. That’s a fair enough question No doubt because the record books cannot be argued against. Yes, United has only won three European Cups against Liverpools five but is it that simple when you analyse the facts objectively? That, in itself, may be another story for another day.

    Four of those Liverpool triumphs were achieved during an era when only one club from each country was allowed to participate in the competition as against two, three and even four major clubs today. It needed the maximum of nine matches to win the trophy against clubs like Crusaders, Tabzonspor, St Etienne, FC Zurich, Oulo Palloseura, CSKA Sofia and Odense who neither now nor then can exactly be described as European ‘giants’.

    That’s by no means an attempt to diminish Liverpool’s success. After all, you cannot do any more than beat the opponents placed in front of you but it does put into perspective how much easier it was to win the trophy in those days. In contrast, Liverpools 2005 triumph included defeats of Bayern Leverkuson, Juventus, Chelsea and AC Milan, a far more difficult task than the one which was faced 20 years earlier.

    The bottom line is that Liverpool unquestionably dominated English football at a time when The European Cup was far easier to win when compared to Manchester United’s domination in the 90’s and beyond. There can be no dispute that the record books show Liverpool has a superior record in terms of winning Europes major trophy, a fact that Liverpool fans understandably bring up as a final defence of their clubs perceived dominance over their rivals. The question must remain however as to whether those statistics really tell the whole, correct story.

  4. Frank, that’s the best reply to the often heard “we’ve won it 5 times” line I’ve ever heard! Brilliant knowledge!

  5. @Brett McCarten – Rafa Benitez used to love giving his own version of ‘FACTS’ but as you can see, those same FACTS are not always what they seem to be upon close examination

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