43 thoughts on “Liverpool sponsor sends a warning to United

  1. No matter who or what the bin dippers get on board they will never be able to match United and that is a FACT.

  2. Where does it say anything about the banks influencing transfers? They are just pointing out the fact that if Liverpool bought Asian players there is a big market to explore, it’s a money making opportunity and a chance to spread the global brand of LFC the title of this article couldn’t be more misleading. The quotes have been took completely out of context. Nothing about this is served as a “warning” to anyone.

  3. There are a lot of very talented players from south east asia. However, in this case, might I suggest that if the Standard Charted are keen to get a player from that region on board, then they pay to purchase that player (eg pay £16m for Honda). I know this raises questions about third party ownership, but quite simply if this is an where the player belongs to the club, there’s no problem. It would not be particularly unethical or dodgy, as it is in the sponsors interests that the player wears the shirt with their name on it.

  4. Re: Dale Marlow…. Typical clueless scouse scum. You want sponsors to buy players for you, keep dreaming. You puppets either buy some Asian players or your sponsers cancel the deal. Glory glory man united

  5. The fact that Liverpool now have huge investment and backing is a worry in its self. We at United have had the cream of the crop for the last 20 years GLOAT GLOAT 🙂 But the fact remains that we are looking down the barrel at the moment and looking unsure were our debt and finances really are . Can we match them over the next 10 years ????? if SAF stays in charge for the next 5 years then i don’t see a problem , but after that ??? Liverpool are looking good for investing in new players and Dalglish knows what he is doing. We cant just sit and poke at them cos we have had it our way for the last 20 years, we are in a mess and unless its addressed then Liverpool will Knock us of our perch !

  6. JohnTheRed, ‘clueless scouse scum’ just shows who is clueless you sad fool. Never be able to match you shite….hahahahahaaha. Take a look at the 5 Champions league titles Knobhead . Match them. Not in your lifetime soft shite… Hahahahahahaha

  7. In one thing I agree with Dale Marlow – if they want the player then let them put up the ring-fenced cash to acquire the player. The obvious thought though is the sponsor is only onboard for the length of their sponsorship ( i.e 3-yrs ). I can see no right to them having a say in the club’s purchasing policy for such a short period..All in all not a feasible proposition.

  8. @JohnTheRed, you really are a clueless c@nt aren’t ya boy? First off, manure are still not as successful as Liverpool you twit. We both still have 18 league titles, an even if you win your 19th, your still no closer to being more successful idiot, we have 5 Champions League trophies. That’s right 5.
    When it comes to clueless, you really top the bill mate. I’m sure i could count your iq one hand…
    No-one has stated that our sponsors should buy players, but if you read carefully, which im sure is very difficult for u, you will see that Dale has stated that if the sponsors want to start putting their 5p in and requesting a certain ethniticity (is that word a little big for u) then maybe they should put up the dollars for it. We will buy players that improve our squad, not ones that will improve their pockets.If the want to increase the exposure in Asia thru us, then they should fork out to do so.
    It really must be difficult for you operating on the single brain cell, but hey most mancs aren’t that bright either, i guess that’s why u fit in…

  9. Know where manchester is John?

    Get yourself down to canal st son you will fit right in

  10. These are not official views of the company. They have zero influence on who Liverpool sign or appoint as manager. And everybody knows Kenny is twice the legend Bobby Charlton is.

  11. JohnTheRED


    keep to your own scum , we dont need any input from you cobbleploddin pigeon eaters,.

    manc + education = envy

  12. Bin dippers are hilarious. I moderate on the dippers official forum they are so dumb they think im a dipper fan oh how i laugh at you.

  13. I dont see this article as an opportunity to score points against each other Liverpool v United.Its simply asking the question and correctly so,do shirt sponsors have an influence over the respective football clubs.Not only at Liverpool or United,but in general.
    To all of us, as football fans we basically are not aware of the conditions and clauses in the contracts, sponsors negotiate with the parent club.
    I know when I watch the in house United TV channel, MUTV,and the 2010 advert for AON,the marketing excutives for AON,make a great play on linking numerous players at United to their respective countries.We have Patrice Evra wheeled out Ji Sung,Nani,Antonio Valencia,Darron Gibson, Dimitar Berbatov,Darren Fletcher etc all relating AON to their countries of birth.Then bringing out United icons like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes to further drive home the reliabilty of the AON brand.Topped of bye Wayne Rooney the “pin up” boy.Welcome AON.
    I would never suggest that the paramount reason for signing a player is to appease the shirt sponsors but it could well be a factor.To improve the fan base in that respective country.It was suggested when the widely unknown Javier Hernandez signed for United prior to the World Cup, it was purely a commercial action, to increase the fan base in that region.
    If anybody thinks bye signing a player as an example in Australia,North America,Africa or say India has not got multiple appeal for marketing people to spread the respective Club image and brand.I am sorry that is not how it works.
    Often in these cases, while the benifits of the football player(regards skill) will be key,a consideration has got to be what does he bring, to attract untapped support.
    For £80.Million in each Clubs case I think it can be expected, that both AON and Chartered are looking to grow their respective buisness’s not just have a logo on a football shirt.
    Anyhow kick off at the Bridge is getting closer.The real buisness of a football fan starts.To shout for your team.

  14. BETTER get used to it because they are going to have PREMIERSHIP games ‘played’ in the Far East in the future!

  15. Why is newsnow directing me to scum websites for scum manu fans? I threw up when I realised I was on a manu forum.

  16. I dont care what Manure do,only interseted in one team & Liverpool FC are moving forward. Are all United fans bitter? The comments on here are, get a life!

  17. This is one of the worst articles ever. Adding 2+2 and getting 25.

    You retard.

    And JohnTheRed “they will never be able to match United and that is a FACT’

    You idiot. We already match you on league titles don’t we? And we beat you on European cups don’t we?

    Obviously you are the more successful over the last 20 years but saying “they will never be able to match United and that is a FACT” is nothing short of moronic.

    And football clubs go in cycles don’t they. Like the one you had when we were winning everything and you weren’t.

    So saying ‘will never’ is just daft. You thick Manc Twat. Or are you from London or something?

  18. Not picking on you declan but to all the frustrated Scousers who have made their bitter comments here. Please face reality, no matter how much you protest and deny, Liverpool Football Club has gone the way of the City of Liverpool – totally irrelevant to anyone else but Scousers – and history. Sorry to be so blunt

  19. Am I missing something here, United are on the cusp of Champions league final.The Dippers were eliminated from the Europa league bye that fabulous Braga team.Maybe its just me.Facts speak louder than words.When did Liverpool last win a premiership title?
    They have won note only 1 Champions league trophy.They might beat their chests, we have 5 Euro Cups.Thats prior to seeding!
    I must be reminded, what will Liverpool “Likely” win this year?

  20. RedScot, I agreed with your 1st post this is a serious issue and we shouldn’t start trying to score points. We’ve just emerged from the nightmare of having 2 despicable owners who’ve bled us dry but United fans can understand that to some extent with the Glazers and the 45 million debt intrest a year. Where was Richard Scudamore when these particuliar shysters took over England’s two most succesful teams? There is a pressure to look for gimmicks now, that Chinese lad you signed was never up to much but I bet you made money out of him through merchandising and other revenue sources. Standard Chartered want us to buy an asian player because it boosts their profile in Asia, a growing market for them, I don’t think the club has to buy one but if it does then it sets a very worrying trend for all clubs. What’s to stop a Saudi buying a club and insisting the players are all Muslims, or one of those right wing nuts in America insisting that all the players have to preach the Bible in their spare time? Sure that’s very extreme but if we let this carry on wethe fans won’t count and that’ll be the end of football for me. How soon will we see what the NFL have done, and sponsors will insist we take the “product” to other markets, and that won’t be your pre season tour it’ll be a league fixture. Surely we’re all against that?
    One last point RedScot you said and I quote “United are on the cusp of Champions league final”. Now I’m not point scoring but firstly although favourites you still have to win the tie against Chelsea which is far from a formality then if you do that you’ll have to overcome, unless something extraordinary happens, a very impressive Barcelona side.

  21. Hey Frank Scicluna,

    I don’t mind you being blunt at all but get your facts right before telling me to face reality.

    The point I made was saying that we will NEVER match Man U is just a stupid thing to say. That’s all.

    Bringing Liverpool city into into the argument is pretty childish too. And ‘bitter’. So its not just Liverpool FC supporters who are bitter then?

    And Liverpool irrelevant? I don’t think so. In the last ten years Champions League, Champions League Final, Euro Cup, Two FA cups, League Cup, Super Cup. Not as good as Man United but still pretty good and somewhat relevant no?

  22. Forgot to mention that in the same interview Laws states that the fact that liverpool might not be in the champions league next year is not a problem, because people in Asia are sleeping during mid-week games!

    That suits me just fine!

  23. Liverpool fans sleeping while their club is playing in Europe belgianred? Not THE most passionate fans of all SURELY?!

  24. I hate all things Manchester United (Which covers pretty much the whole of the South of England, innit mate!). You horrible, ignorant, arrogant and spineless excuses for a human being.

  25. Come on declan, you must be old enough to know better. EVERYTHING Liverpool has won in the last twenty years has been Cup competitions where LUCK is the main ingredient just like United in Barcelona and Moscow and Liverpool in Istanbul and Cardiff in the FA Cup Final against West Ham. When was the one, single, REAL championship title that last came to Anfield? Do you even remember being there? It’s the precise reason why Liverpool ARE now irrelevant.

    And Royal Red, you can rest assured that this “horrible, ignorant, arrogant and spineless excuses for a human being” is far, FAR way from the South of England – AND thankfully, from Merseyside.

  26. Stopped reading this anti-liverpool article. What a total load of rubbish to suggest a sponsor could influence Kenny Dalglish in the transfer market. Man Ure are where we were in the late eighties early nighties, your best players are getting old and you’re not replacing them with the same quality. Fergy is about to get knocked off his perch by Dalglish a true football icon.

  27. Who do you thing will remain longest in his job fergyrednose? Your namesake or Dalglish?

  28. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/sport/story/82295.html?fb_ref=homepage

    Man Utd most hated company in britain, thank you guys for perpetuating this ha ha. Fergy is finished mate, he’s a joke won’t give interviews when you get beat, he’s like a child throwing his toys out of the pram. Dalglish is there for the long haul believe me Frank we won’t let him go. It took a while getting Dalglish back. We had to get rid of Fergy’s mate first trying to take us down.

  29. You may not let Dalglish go mate BUT he can very easily let go of you – as he has done before

  30. Luck is the main ingredient in cup competitions? What a ridiculous statement! A group of four and then knockout stages? Quality gets you the final – not luck.

    I don’t remember Barcelona being lucky when they played you off the field.

    And I know we havent won the league for 20 Years etc etc. Yaaaawnnnnnn. It doesn’t make us irrelevant.

  31. Oh and frank. Do you remember the gap between 67 and 92?

    Were man u irrelevant then?

  32. Seriously Frank,

    The reason i’ve stopped visiting your Blog is because you let vermin polute your pages like these dickheads who call them self Liverpool fans. Moderate or risk losing more United supporters.


  33. Good point PeteManc. It can be difficult mate because another view is that the mentality of these cretins should be shown up for what it is. United supporters are what this site targets so your comment will certainly be noted.

  34. You cant comment on something about Liverpool FC, Tag it the article as ‘Tags: Anfield, Dalglish, Liverpool,’

    Then, out of desparatation for a blog piece, cobble something together about Standard Chartered being able to influence LFC into buying decisions and then say that this is only for Man U fans.

    And you call us cretins?

    dictionary.com says: Cretin: a stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person.

    You are a person who writes a factually incorrect story, then tags it Liverpool FC etc, then engages LFC fans on the blog, insults them, argues with them, then argues they are irrelevant, then doesn’t answer me when I ask if Man U were irrelevant when they didn’t win anything for years, and then decides his blog shouldn’t be red by LFC fans.

    This to me is stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective.

    So you are the very definition of a cretin.

  35. So Declan where do I begin? It might be best to start by asking you to read the article again. It was made crystal clear that “This is by no means being critical of Liverpool because many clubs face the same dilemma – as United may in the future unless they are very careful.” This was a warning to ALL clubs that the “tail CAN end up wagging the dog” in the future unless a great deal of care is taken. It will not happen with someone like Dalglish or Ferguson, they have been around for much too long but a manager who is not so experienced? It has to make you wonder.

    Tagging an article is a very simple procedure so I cannot see what your problem is. ‘Anfield, Dalglish, Liverpool’ were all mentioned in it so it’s only natural for them to be tagged.

    All the quotes attributed to Standard Chartered are all on record so please tell me how the article can possibly be labelled ‘factually incorrect?’

    Yes Declan, this site is primarily for United fans but it does not mean that nobody else should visit it – including Liverpool fans. As mentioned earlier, this is a matter which can prove to be a dangerous development for ALL clubs in the future which was the whole purpose of the article.

    You then go on to talk about the Champions League formula “A group of four and then knockout stages? Quality gets you the final – not luck.” That is PRECISELY the point which you guys have been ignoring for so long. Four of the much trumpeted five European Cups won by Liverpool were under a system of a straight knockout competition, where seedings did not exist and the luck of the draw was paramount in any eventual success by Liverpool or anyone else – including United in 1968. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

    Finally, the insults have all been coming from Liverpool fans. The cretin reference was aimed at people like Royal Red with his highly ‘intelligent comment’ of “I hate all things Manchester United (Which covers pretty much the whole of the South of England, innit mate!). You horrible, ignorant, arrogant and spineless excuses for a human being.” If that is not cretinous what is? Rest assured that there were many others in the same vein which never saw the light of day.

    As for your question which asks if I “remember the gap between 67 and 92? Were man united irrelevant then?” Of course I do and yes, United WERE irrelevant in the world of football then, just as Liverpool is now.

  36. To Johnthered;

    The “bindippers” will never be able to match United..? Oh is that a “fact”? I think you’ll find that its you scum trying to match us – 5 European Cups and 18 League Titles says so…

    You arrogant ignorant pr*ck


  37. I did read your article again and you choose to single Liverpool
    out. Not just ‘any’ club. You also choose to suggest Liverpool are doing it because you have Park.

    say it itI understand the concept it tagging. The point is, you can’t tags something as Liverpool and then say Liverpool fans aren’t allowed to play.

    The article is factually incorrect because you insinuate the tail is wagging the dog. And they aren’t. Simone wants Liverpool to buy Asian players. So do I. So what.

    When you sponsors paid you they said ‘we aren’t buying the uk – we’re buying Asia.’ It makes sense. And it doesn’t mean they are telling the club what to do and looking at man u ‘enviously’.

    I won’t argue the point about the Liverpool supporters comments. They were cretinous.

    I am amazed that you would say Man u were irrelevant. Totally crazy and shameful formanfan to say. I doubt the other man u fans would support you.

    Anyway. Bored now.

    Can’t wait to see barca kick your ass in the final.

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