5 thoughts on “Fasten your seatbelts ‘Drama ahead’ warns Fergie

  1. It seems as though Fergie is preparing us for the worst while also trying to assure us that the title is possible.
    Yes there may be drama ahead. but the good thing is that we are in the driving seat, it’s ours to lose, the rest have to win, we can (possibly) afford to draw against Chelsea and Arsenal without it affecting our position or team morale that much.

    I will be a bit more optimistic after this weekends results, beat Arsenal, see Chelsea lose or draw and it will be another big step

  2. I think what sums it up is when I saw an article in The Times last week with the headline, “Win Our 5 Remaining Matches And We Win The League – Wenger”. What happened? They lost their next game. Go figure.

  3. @ Tom

    Sparkling coincidence that, what makes me shiver more is our hit and miss away form, if we can carry on from Schalke then all will be fine, but chances are we will suffer yet another post europe nightmare and at best come away with a draw, which if Chelsea win will boost them and deflate us further.

  4. @ Sapper: Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if Fergie went for the draw considering our away form, and even if we lost to Chelsea (which I don’t think we will anyway), we should beat Blackburn away and Blackpool at home. And quite frankly, if we can’t beat Blackburn away and Blackpool at home, we don’t deserve to win the league. Not that that’ll make me feel any better mind.

  5. If someone can guarantee me this Tom I will take it right here, right now. Arsenal (A) Draw 1, Chelsea (H) Draw 1, Blackburn (A) Draw 1, Blackpool (H) Win 3 = FINAL 79 points. Anything more will be a bonus. The best Chelsea will be able to get will be 77 points and Arsenal 74.

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