37 thoughts on “United 19 v Liverpool 18 – Fergie owns the perch

  1. It’s amazing Liverpool could be asleep for so long and yet only now ManUre go one measly title ahead. Yet Liverpool still remain 2 European Cups ahead. Such a gulf existed between the two clubs Liverpool could afford to snooze for so long.

    Now ManUre have made a mistake. They’ve awoken the big dragon at Anfield. And normal service will resume in the next 10 years with Ferguson in retirement and King Kenny Dalglish leading Liverpool to trophy after trophy.

    Enjoy your moment in the sun. It won’t last long. And a nice humiliation at Wembley to Barce should bring the Mancs and their team of average grafters back to earth.

  2. Typical scouse delusional bitterness..it will be more of the same next season, with the dippers nowhere near the top 4!!..roll on Barca and no.4!!

  3. I dont understand what you are trying to state ? You state Liverpool can afford to sleep for another decade and yet you are eager for Liverpool to do something instantly ? I smell FEAR !!!!! its not ez to win constantly ! Even if Doglish might b back ! I hav a feeling ur DOG will just hide away come end of the season and u will get another Hodgson next season and Liverpool will just become another history like all u guys always talk abt ! U r just all bull Alan !

  4. as a life-long liverpool supporter, i am very very proud of our incredible record but i also have to acknowledge the scale of the achievment, so in all honesty i HAVE to congratulate united in surpassing it! if you finish top of the pile, then you DESERVE the accolades, so fair play to you for knocking us off our (domestic) perch and giving us the incentive to now chase your well-deserved record! i have witnessed Lfc’s glory years but i firmly believe i will witness them again under KD

  5. Man Utd are only one title ahead! So it’s not as if we have knock them off their perch! More push them off the kerb and back into the gutter!!!

  6. Nice one bruce thomas, see the result when brother and sister copulate you get someone who think’s he’s smart like bruce banjo players eh my my.

  7. Remember……Fergie may be on the perch….but it is still OUR perch!!!!!!!

  8. Just remember ……such was your ineptitude they had to invent a competition for you to win….Congratulations on a record 12th Premier League title.

  9. Poor league won by an average team as Barca will no doubt expose. Given what Dalglish has achieved with the players he’s had to work with and if he can bring in 4 or 5 in the summer of the calibre of Suarez and with a crop of youngsters ( Sterling, Suzo, Pacheco etc )that are by far the best in the country the future looks very bright. Remember Ferguson hadn’t won any titles before Dalglish left us and Kenny isn’t intimidated by anyone.

    The title is only out on loan!

  10. Try winning FIVE european cups before claiming to ”Knocking liverpool of their perch’ !!

  11. Statto 666, that’s the 21st time I heard a Liverpool fan say that in the last 21 years – after every season since 1990. Has not happened yet!

  12. How many fans in old trafford are actually english? Was there a minute silence for Bin Laden today?

  13. Moan Moan Moan,wheres the scouse humour these days?its funny you have gone another season without a Cup,dont you think,you can whinge all you want,19 is OURS and another scouse season with 0 beckons! “Take me Home” as our song goes

  14. Fergy still a poor man’s Paisley! Bob 3 European Cups in 9 years, Fergy 2 in 25! Bob would have had 8 or 9 at his strike rate over the same time period – enough said!

  15. Nah have you seen the amount of turbans in your stadium :/ i thought i was watching the iraq league!

  16. danny, stop being a pleb! the united’s, madrid’s, barca’s and LIVERPOOL’s wouldn’t be where they are today without their GLOBAL support! show some class mate, if 18 was a remarkable acheivement for Lfc then you HAVE to acknowledge and give credit when it’s bettered! then get behind our great club and our new incentive to go for 20!

  17. Now there’s an intelligent Scouser folks. Well said steve mcauley with thanks

  18. Haha the thing is we have local support, you can take credit when you win 5 european cups without your old senile alcoholic manager moaning and crying about every decision. By the way i love your norwich scarves :/

  19. Where have you been? Took Manure 21 years to go past and are still 30 years behind on the Euro count! Manure may be on the domestic perch but are not even in looking distance of the Euro perch!

  20. Dont you just love the bitterness.
    cant wait until man win the euro cup again.

  21. Its a sad day 2day for the lfc fans, dats why u guys re trying to downplay the fact that we have gone one past you. I dont see lfc winning any trophy in the next decade, be it the champions league or premiership because they will be too busy fighting to finish in 6th position.

  22. The Euro perch occupied by……………. Real Madrid?! Why on earth would that be of any concern to a scouser?

  23. Can i cut through this ridiculous shit, all through at one another, look at at the facts the youth United have and the progession to the future of our club.Dare remind of where United are in the hunt for glory in the reserves and youths?

  24. @ Danny : Man u really seem to me like an illiterate dick(without balls of course) u had ur glory years down the late 70’s and eighty’s and totally deserved but then what have u done since then??? the heroics of gerrard won u the european cup and it was totally deserved but apart from that u were shit and dont even try try to debate on that!!!! do you even understand that the people wearing turbans are sikhs and who gives a fuck about what ethnicity or caste ur supporters are as long as they support…. u just seem to me as a racist !@#! Learn to appreciate when some team does well…. RESPECT!!!!

  25. This is shit…United won the title fairly and cleanly…so there is no need for liverpool fans to spill tosh over here…please…this is a man united blog…if u people want to speak shit do so at some liverpool blog…we were not even talking shit about your club…but u people just cant stop moaning….be a sport…and be respectable…that’s all…!!!

    As for the league title, our away form always created a doubt on our chances but our home form was simply EPIC!!…well done man united…we got the results when we wanted…we showed the character, the belief and the confidence when required the most!!!!…well done man united….NOW BARCELONA…BRING IT ON!!!!

  26. And we are in the Champions league final, and in the FA youth cup final and we went on to the semi finals of the FA cup…we achieved a lot this season…and will keep on doing so in the next decade as well!

  27. and 1 more thing…i have seen better Liverpool supporters…better…who are graciously congratulating us on our success…you know what our friendly will never a be a friendly one…we will always talk shit about each other(whether relevant or irrelevant)///WE WILL ALWAYS KICK EACH OTHER’S ASSES…but on this day when we have surpassed Ur domestic record it’s better to say nothing or like a true gentleman or like a true respectable sports fan appreciate us….rather than the the European record everytime!!…BE A SPORT!

  28. Liverpool are living on past glories! They wont win the league for a very very long time! United have knocked the scousers of their perch for ever!

  29. Remember all you die hard mancy fans when you were handing out leaflet’s to get shot of old whiskey nose then mark robins saved his ass by keeping them in the cup.
    Also when LFC (oh glorious)got promoted mancy utd had won the league 7 times, so really you have won 12 to LFC’s 18 do your math banjo player’s.

  30. @johnjo. If all managers can be as successful as Sir Alex they will gladly do everything in their power to get a ‘whiskey nose’. GUARANTEED

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