27 thoughts on “Scholes replacement may ALREADY be at United

  1. cleverly is not the next scholes he is just a decent player. but pogba will be uniteds star midfielder in the near future

  2. well we dont need a creative midfielder as bad as we need a defensive midfielder no matter what youll say about carrick or fletcher theyre not world class as can be seen better by how exposed united are when theyre not in control of the ball over 60% of the time

  3. Hard to disagree siggsigg but Phil Jones could be that man with Paul Pogba on the horizon. As usual, Sir Alex seems to know what he’s doing.

  4. We’re skint. There’ll be no Modric or Sneijder. The Glazers have pikied all the cash and we’re left rummaging in the bargain basement. It’s the same shit every year — big signings hinted at. None arrive. With no world class midfielders, sooner or later — probably sooner — the slide down the table will begin. LUKG

  5. Whats all this Glaser bashing for?? They have already backed the boss for Jones, Young and probably De Gea… Utd have offerd 30 million for Sanchez and had a look at Sneijder if all the papers are to be believed.. This is an outlay of nearly 100 million. I think people are underestimating the quality of last years Youth team midfield, Ryan Tunnicliffe, Paul Pogba and Ravel Morrison are exceptionally talented young players and I believe 1 or even 2 of these guys will make it to the very top in football(for me it will be Tunnicliffe and Pogba).

  6. To be honest the holding midfielder is the priority and I hope we get Lassana Diarra. Because believe it or not Rooney now plays the classic Scholes role behind the striker. Fergie knows what he is doing and how he needs to improve his squad.

  7. This is ridiculous.What a boring article.Manchester United doesn’t need a make-shift midfielder in Berbatov.Paul Scholes as a midfielder in his prime would give you 20 goals.Berbatov can’t do his job as an attacker let alone a midfielder.I always feel sad when I hear about changes to be made.What changes?.After that huge defeat to Barcelona,Sir Alex said something about United’s desire to dominate Europe.Then a couple of weeks later he lets Alexis Sanchez with no option but Barcelona.You want to conquer Europe,you need those players,such players.That is why Barcelona bought David Villa and you saw what he did.Madrid will be a menace next season thanks to such players.Manchester United need to wake up and the Glazers open their cheque books.If we don’t get Sneijder,I fear for our European quest.

  8. Sneijder’s class, but he doesn’t have the mobility or defensive ability to sit in a 4-4-2. if we sign him, he has to play as a number 10, which means dropping Hernandez and shifting Rooney further forward. I’m not sure it’s worth it. at least Modric has the workrate to get up and down the pitch for 90, even if he’s fairly quiet in the final third. if we play 4-4-1-1 like we did at the back end of last season, he’d slot in nicely in place of Giggs.

    watching Cleverly for the U21s, he’s talented, but nowhere near Paul Scholes.

    Berbatov is talented, but immobile and United’s style of play is best-suited to players who create space with their runs and stretch the play. he’s truly gifted, but makes the team predictable.

  9. I agree with this article partially but what I wanna say is that loosing out on sanchez is very devastating but we can promote some players for our academy, pogba morris can even do better than the likes of modric etc

  10. Manchester united is well known all over the world for speculations that wont materialize.why would a team keep deceiving it’s fans by entering the speculation market.if man united need to build now,they must act now or they stop deceiving us

  11. i Think its time for Sir Alex to wake up from is slumber, for how long are we going to continue deliberate on one issue till when transfer widows would be close? if Sir Alex and the Glazzer are not ready to buy top name players like sanches sinaijer or Modric they should just forget about winning any thing for come next season. i think we need this people who can create and win team hearth.

  12. A number 6 is long overdue since the departure of Roy Keane. How else could SAF watch Messi & Villa taking those shots outside the box without anybody attempting to block/throw his body along the way , without him noticing the gaping hole?
    Am sure SAF will plug that hole & Barca/Europe will fall at our feet again.

  13. ha ha…. listen to all these wannabe managers. all thinking they know better than SAF, the most successful manager of all time. if the man went into the jungle, picked the biggest ugliest ape, shaved him and told him to kick a ball then i would support him. why???? because i trust his judgement. if SAF decides to sign a player then its for good reason.
    why dont you all just stick to what you can only ever be…. supports of football. especially you ” Lexxy ” what a comment, and shows you for the fool you are!!!

  14. Berba can never replace paul sch wat we need re player’s like modric nasiri and snider.berba hav tried last 2 season let him try his luck elsewere. Farewell berba

  15. I don’t think that United are going to make any big signings this summer, it seems like they looking more at buying young talent for the furture, so we shouldn’t get our hopes up we just need to prey that they able to stay on top like they always do, i think if they don’t buy any big players they should use Jones in the Midfield with Rooney or Berbatov or even try Nani i’m sure they can make that work, all 3 players are talented and i’m sure adaptable

  16. Thats Rubbish ! Why are you Guys Ignoring Anderson ! He’s Been Great But Everytime He Progresses,SAF relegate Him On The Bench And Am Sure This Season He gonna PLay Atleast 23 Of All Manchester United Games ! Its Been Comfired With A Memember Of The Squad! So Relax Guys !

  17. ok whatever,we will still be behind barca for the next forseeable future,have no doubt about that!n thats why SAF is not freaky about it either.you need time and use funds wisely(not like chelshits)in order to come with a team that can truly challenge any in the footballing world.
    next season will just be the beginning of that long road to dislodge barca off their perch

  18. I know ppl will hit the roof but i have been watching alot of acadamy football and there is one real up and cumin star we should go for and he plays for liverpool.he is the best midfielder i have seen in a long time and i have been watching football for a very long time. I am sure if SAF went for him he would come and why wouldn’t he becaus sterling is going to be 1 of the best footballers in the world in the next few year I think .

  19. lexxy you should watch what you say, this is a good article but am afraid i disagree with you. Berba cant play for united much less next season, he is talented but not the quality that can win us big games. I feel he should be sold and we need real good midfielders of the likes of modric or nasri. I dont think sneider is as good as he is often rated. For me we DONT NEED SNEIDER BUT MODRIC WE REALLY REALLY NEED. As for hernandez we have a great striker in him and the world should watchout becoz with rooney and hernandez upfront we shall be on fire. Messi and villa, well, barca are too good at the moment but if we get modric and young in the team we have another manutd barca final and this time manutd wins.


  21. I totally agree with the guys singing the praises of Paul Pogba. He is the most exciting young United midfielder I have seen since, well, since Fergie started deploying a young Paul Scholes there. He is gonna be a United crown jewel sooner rather than later.
    Berbatov a replacement for Scholes? No chance. He can stroke the ball around but he isnt tenacious like Scholsey and he doesn’t strike the ball from distance like the ginger prince and… Well, he’s just a different player. He plays where he plays. It would make more sense to suggest Rooney as a replacement, but that’s not a solution either. We need a proper Midfielder and until Paul Pogba matures, I would say that it has to be someone like Sneijder

  22. ….and I just don’t get the whole Modric thing. Overrated. 1 Sneijder > 10 Modrics. Let the weasel faces little sh1t sign for the rents

  23. okey you guys amuse me and amaze me. Allow me to ask a few qns; Which united player scored a hatrick against liverpool? Which united player won the golden boots? Which united player introduced chichas to the premier league while wazza was demanding lots of cash? Which player said its a dream come true to play for united apart from javier hernandez?
    I do not know the answers
    Berbatov has a way of his own of doing things, may be you guys need a faster player but that is gold pure gold, who knows, he could have perfomed some magic at wemberley who knows.
    DB9 is slow but sure just like in Africa where they say “no hurry in africa”

  24. I agree with Desmond tutu Berba was carrying united when Rooney was more worried about how much money he can squeeze from united, maybe if he hadn’t united would have had money to spend on other players like Modric and gang, but if you put it into prospective and you remove Berba and his 20 goals not forgetting his assist from the equation united would not have won the league. But anyway that does not matter now what matters is that United don’t have a true midfielder to replace Scholes, and Anderson so no way near Scholes, so unless Fergie is planning to pull a rabbit out of a hat or in this case a class midfielder United got a long way to go before they can even dream of catching Barca

  25. what do you mean? 10 modric=1sneider, listen, modric is world class and already has premier league experience. Snieder jst doesnt tick for me-HE IS OVERRATED. modric we really need at united. Thanks to berba but he can never solve our midfield problems. Buy modric fergie and united will be european champs next season.

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