5 thoughts on “Media Watch June 30 – Is Nasri REALLY possible?

  1. Yes, Nasri is a good signing for Manchester United and believe you me if Man U gets Nasri then Man U is going to win Barclays Premier League again for 2011-2012. MARTIN MUSONDA SIMPEMBA-MAN U FOR LIFE

  2. Now that we have ashrey young to Manchester United,getting Nasri will be very much fantastic and I should encourage Sir Alex Ferguson to go ahead and get Nasri and not to give up in geting another strong player(Midfielder). We do not have Midfielders at the moment once we get midfielders then we will continue enjoying our championship.MARTIN MUSONDA SIMPEMBA-MAN U FOR LIFE

  3. thanks for giving me chance to give even a short comment. it is almost good to have the new players ( De Gea, Jones, Young and the proposed Nasri, but United now needs very talent midfielders, a very big problem encountering the club, causing inability for forwards and backs to handle the game completely..

  4. Nasri is good. Very good, but I would prefer Man United to use Tom Cleverly instead of spending on Nasri. Lets save the money, have faith in our youth. We also have Pogba and Morrison pushing through. These boys can play, and under Fergi’s guidence, we could have potential stars pushing through.

    Our current midfield is just fine. They are not flashy, but they are good enough. They won the league by 9 points and got to the champions league final. they are well organized and even out played chelsea’s strong and athletic midfielders. Why change something that has proven to be successful?

    Our youngsters deserve a chance to prove themselfves.

  5. I would be very happy if Nasri come to United.. A very good and talented player..

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