10 thoughts on “Old Trafford may hold the key to 20th title

  1. Delighted to see that you believe Liverpool are not going to be a threat to you and your 20th title; I do believe this to be arrogance in the extreme alongside the dismissal of all other challengers other than City. I do hope for the sake of the season and the millions to whom it is a fresh and exciting new start, that you are proved as naieve as you are conceited in your view.
    Best wishes for a fruitless but nonetheless enjoyable season.

  2. Good article, but I think, as in the past 10 seasons its not the venue that will decide where the title goes but the officials. It is obvious to all other supporters that Man U get an incredible amount of favourable decisions at OT and there is a feeling that a lot of refs are bent and in the pay of your club. If you go by the away performances of MU…then the trophy should have been Chelski’s for the past two seasons? A level playing field is all I wish for nowadays.

  3. Allright, here we go! @GunnerPete, you claim that “as in the past 10 seasons its not the venue that will decide where the title goes but the officials” Forget 10 seasons mate, just remember April 2009-10 when Didier Drogba was allowed to get away with a clear offside goal AT Old Trafford which virtually handed the title to Chelsea! You then go on to say that “a lot of refs are bent and in the pay of your club”. THAT my friend is nothing more than an ignorant, juvenile comment.

    @DJG, For the sake of the Premier League I would love to see a thrilling, six way battle for the title which will hopefully include your beloved Liverpool but sorry, I cannot accept your ‘arrogance’, ‘naive’ and ‘conceited’ as intelligent comments. What I put forward were simply realistic thoughts. IF I happen to be wrong and finish up with egg all over my face, you are welcome to remind me of it in May next year.

  4. @Frank, Drogba’s goal was offside true, BUT are you forgetting that Macheda’s Goal was handball? so with simple maths, we will deduct both goals leaving the score 0 – 1 to chelsea, same result there matey!

  5. Sorry Josh, you seem to be forgetting that one television replay after another clearly showed that Macheda CHESTED the ball into the net. Anything else is simply wishful thinking. Besides, a clearly offside goal which gives a side a 2-0 lead away from home in a title deciding game does NOT indicate match officials being “bent and in the pay of your club”

  6. As a Liverpool fan I am not going to delude myself into thinking we are going to simply lift our first title in 20 years this season.
    We do have the advantage of not competing in European football, and this might be a blessing in disguise. However at most, we are a dark horse this coming season, whilst perhaps a top 3 team killer in process, taking points from the top 3 teams.

    Got to give it to UTD this season (wish Fergie would retire), played superb last weekend. Chelski and City will be your main competition this year. I’m not convinced you are any nearer Barca, but then who is.

  7. @ geluckig, what an intelligent comment! How good will it be if all fans – including many United ones, were just as mature? Best of luck to LFC, the Premier League is so much better when there’s a spirited Anfield challenge.

  8. @franck scicluna,can u explain y is it that for d past 5 seasons only one penalty has been given against manu @ old trafford wen there are clear cases of penalty.if they r not bent,nd can u as a manu fan remember the last time any ref gave a penalty against manu…liverpool,nd since then and before then,none

  9. Francky, I can ONLY repeat again, again and AGAIN. Chelsea were awarded an absolutely clear offside goal at Old Trafford to hand Chelsea the title just two seasons ago. Bent refs and penalties can never enter the equation after that decision – NEVER EVER

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