6 thoughts on “United men against Spurs boys at the OT Fortress

  1. Men against boys – cut me a break, Manu always win in front of their 74k crowd against teams playing their first real match of the season. And we can do without the crazed antics of Anderson after he scored.
    Wait ’til all you Manure “Men” come to White Hart Lane- you’ll leave with your tails between your legs.

  2. absolutely correct
    spurs were looking less like a top 4 side & to be honest would be lucky to finish in the top half of the table on this showing.
    those characters harry spoke of certainly need to be in place soon & boy, do they need modric to stay!!
    as the title says boys v men … but not what you’d have thought!!

  3. Utterly arrogant rubbishMan U are consistently a great side. But to be dismissive of Spurs is a demonstration of lack of intelligence. 3-0 was not a true reflection.

  4. @ indyfan…I bet u Yids thought u had that until the last 30 minutes where our youthful team, inexperienced defence & written off keeper kept u at bay all fuckin night & u then resorted to 50 yard shots coz u run out of ideas….. If ur silly enough to let Modric Go you’ll be lucky if ur Europa league next season…….lol !!

  5. Did you REALLY watch the game Hotspur 1882? Five would have been a much more realistic reflection!

  6. Spurs shud thank Friedel , he saved u from a massive defeat!

    Our young men were good after half time…but can we do the same next game?

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