14 thoughts on “United and Berba may no longer need each other

  1. He’ll get his minutes. Sir Alex is nototious for giving youngsters time at the beginning if the season. Only problem is that, this year so far, those youngsters are producing. And showing true Man United work ethic. Something that Berba clearly lacks at times. Theres no doubting his talent on the ball. Its when he’s off the ball. He rarley tracks back and has regularily shown descent towards his teammates when things arent going his way. For me, honestly I could care less if he is on the pitch or not. After 3 seasons of watching brilliant play along with somber, negative body language, I think he should look elsewhere for regular playing time. In my opinion, he is not a Man United footballer. (but I thank him for the 20 last year) Thats just one man’s point of view. Go You Red Devils!

  2. I may like sir, 2 b useng BERBATOV 4 first half of d mach & he is also gud 4 champions league,he is gud material he realy safe man u 4 many maches like champions league i realy his game he can deliver when u did not expect.

  3. Berbatov’s problem is his work ethic off the ball, as Primot above put it. Compare to last night’s game where Welbeck would go back to his own half to try and win the ball back. Something that Berba never does. Some would argue that that’s his style of play but it certainly doesn’t suit Manchester’s style. He’s served well but it’s time for the homegrown talent to deliver, as they already have so far.

  4. So what should Ferguson do guys? Berba says that he’s intent on finishing his playing career at Old Trafford as per his contract. What are the options available to Sir Alex in that case?

  5. i would keep him mainly, cos if we sell him i dont see us buying anyone else.
    plus theres very few worth bring in due to our current crop, the only guy that comes to mind that could offer something different and has quality is Llorente, who is touted to cost £30m but berbas lastest deal is said to be close to £22m. but even is fergie did decide to chop him i dont see him buying.

    plus you could argue that if we got a snejider type in that he could play off of most of our strikers and take berbas spot that way.

  6. Obviously some of you never really watch the game. Berba does more than his fair share off the ball and is far more adept at getting the ball back than Rooney, who just as often hands the ball back to the opposition through his poor skill set. Another area where Berbatov doesn’t get his due is in his ability to hold on to the ball against two or even three defenders – Rooney can’t even manage it against one, and either loses it or is forced to pass lamely across the pitch or backwards. As for Berba showing dissent (as against descent – does he climb down holes in anger?) it shows that things matter to him, as against those who claim he’s so laid back that he doesn’t care. I would also point out that Rooney is far worse for negative body language and rants against his team mates, and need I point out how many times he’s cost United (and England) through his hot headed behaviour on and off the pitch? Finally, for all those who think Rooney is the non stop engine running all over the pitch for the team, why don;t you try tracking him exclusively through a game – he takes it easy just as much as the next guy – that he might put in the extra klick or two during a match means crap if he isn’t doing anything of quality whilst running around – especially when he’s the sole striker and gets caught out of position on a counter attack.

    The game against Spurs highlighted the kind of double standards and hypocrisy that are so prevalent where Rooney and Berbatov are concerned. Rooney missed a couple of sitters, especially the one he blasted over a wide open goal from yards out. The commentators instantly zeroed on a the ‘difficult bounce’ Rooney had to deal with, as ever making his excuses. Berbatov missed a similar shot last season and everyone howled about it because United lost. Fact is that Berbatov is far more accurate in front of goal than Rooney, who at times seems like he couldn’t hit the side of Old Trafford from ten yards out. Yet absolutely NOBODY gets on his case about how damn wasteful and unskilled his finishing can be. He blasts another one over, or across the goal, and everyone applauds the effort and congratulates the guy for pressuring the keeper. Berbatov does something similar and he gets castigated – even when he scores a handful in one game, as he did a few times last season, he still gets slammed for being ‘inconstant’ – never mind Rooney’s horrendous form for much of last season, or the fact that he’s notorious for going on lean spells without a goal – just ask the England side. I sometimes wonder if Berbatov gets attacked with such ferocity because he’s Continental, whereas Rooney’s a tried and true Brit. Yet in Europe I have no doubt that the Bulgarian would be the better player, and far more appreciated than he is within the technical backwater that Britain has become.

  7. ” A brilliant player who most managers would give their right arms for, one who could walk into most starting lineups in the Premier League AND Europes leading clubs”

    fucking deluded… berbatov would not walk into liverpool,arsenal,chelsea,barca,real,milan,inter etc. squads…jesus christ, the biasnes of some of our fans is beyond a joke !

  8. Suggest you have a look at timbo’s comment CROoney because it makes a lot of sense. Chelsea would have probably won the title with Berba in their side last season AND Liverpool would have done the same in 2008-09. As for the rest, your guess is no better than mine.

  9. Season 08-09 i think Berba popped up (ala Cantona 95-96) with match winning goals in 1-0 wins four times, that without we wouldnt have been Champions. And i have never understood the wizards thoughts as to why he never featured from the start against Barca both times. In a game where we couldnt get the ball our best holder of the ball is on the bench. I would like to see Berba stay. But i do think that there is something going on where Berba leaves and Sneijder arrives.
    Bring on season 11-12.

  10. Not sure about Sneijder arriving Martin but agree with your Berbatov comments. I still believe that Barcelona would have been the ideal opponents for Berba to play against. But then who am I to second guess someone like Sir Alex?

  11. Berbatov stays, it’s obvious, I believe, for a number of reasons:
    1. He’s a great player, plus he’s got experience. This is going to be a long campaign and you never know.
    2. He’s low maintenance, which is amazing considering his ability.
    3. Great attitude, like no other; ever heard him complain?
    4. The opportunity cost: what are you going to get for £12 Mio, I believe that was the latest bid, that you don’t already have? Conversely, what if he joins one of your archrivals? Are you sure your defense will manage to contain him? keeping him in United makes sense as pre-emptive stratagem as well.
    And lastly, trust your manager, he knows what he is doing 🙂

  12. You make a lot of sense Yurii – and I agree completely especially with points 2 and 3. However we have to accept that unfortunately, many United fans have a different point of view.

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