7 thoughts on “Who United will NOT be meeting in Europe

  1. always a nervous but exciting time, by brain always wants the easy, draw while my heart loves the big names and games.

    Group of Death

    Group of Delight

  2. Agree Jack , love CL draw time. Maybe a new place to visit which would be nice.
    Agree with your group of Death , but i really think Utd wouldnt struggle no matter what the group.
    Got £10 on Utd V Barcelona final again.

  3. @Martin, This may surprise many but I would not mind betting £10 that Barca will NOT be in the Champions League final in May!

  4. Agree with you Frank… i think Barca wont be in final… Hopes that Man united will reach there and win it… All these money tempted players should know that its the most fans following team and its where success is a routine, and its where dream come true.Or ask the players who left united ..After MU its Hell… Very less became successful…

  5. Basle Benefica Napoli
    Maybe not the weakest teams but best combination of weakness and travelling!

  6. It could have been worse Martin, MUCH worse. But then again, it’s what United deserve after so much success in Europe during the last few seasons.

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