3 thoughts on “Sir Alex says Wenger must get a fair go

  1. Fergie loves the idea of Wenger staying as he believes he reads him like a book.
    More often than not he has out-thought le-professor and out- played his opponent. In fact the Scot believes he has got the measure of the French connection.

  2. @ The BearMan. Sorry mate, I will not jinx United by responding to your comment until AFTER the game on Sunday. The last thing I want to do is to count chickens before they’re hatched -:)

  3. @ Frank. I know what you mean mate. Does anyone remember when Wenger had a good run against Utd? 98-02. Shifts in power blah blah blah blah. Fergie was just weighing him up as he does with all the supposed conquerers to Uniteds empire. How times have changed with Wenger on the brink and United having not failed to win a trophy in all the seasons that Arsenal havent since they bored there way to the 05 F A Cup. Can anyone out there make Fergie 20 years younger?

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