31 thoughts on “5 scenarios for Owen Hargreaves career with City

  1. Well, I don’t know why on earth do we need to bother ourselves with Owen Hargreaves… he is simply Carles tevez II ! a money grabbing who***oore

  2. How can you talk about loyalty? YOU chucked HIM.

    Have you ever ditched a girlfriend, felt sorry for her, wished her luck? Then you see her with a richer, more attractive Man.

    Suddenly, you’re showing your smallness and mean spirit by wishing accidents on her.

    It’s like being happy to have a sign saying “34 years”, but changing the rules instead of having one saying “0 years”.

    This post has made it onto Man City’s Newsnow feed, so we’re all having a good laugh at your reaction to unlucky Owen being given another chance. He’s lucky he hasn’t had masked men at his door, like Rooney.

    tut tut. I mean, tick tock.

  3. Written by someone with the username big boss says it all.Shows why utd fans are the most hated and classless in the league.James,a few questions,first,who is carles tevez?secondly remind us again how rooney was ‘persuaded’ to stay?remind us how much you paid for de gea?dont use the words money grabbing without understand what they mean.

  4. “a money-grabbing whore?”. Utd’s players are certainly familiar with those.

    Hargreaves, on the other hand, offered to play for Utd for free. Utd turned their back on him, pushed him out of the back door with a carriage clock, and said “best of luck, son”.

    Now that he’s had some luck (he was due some), “fans” are posting youtube videos of the sort of horrific injuries they are wishing on him.

    You’re truly a classy bunch of big-hearted football lovers. I can’t understand why people criticise you.

  5. James Miller – To suggest that money is the primary motive to make a move to Man City is both foolish and naive. To suggest this hypocritical slur applies to Hargreaves is laughable and entirely misinformed. He is on a one year pay as you play contract and has it all to prove.
    Our players see City as a means to both money and silverware – not one OR the other. It is the same reason decent players joined United in the past. Unless you are in complete denial it is obvious that the new recruits see City as a viable avenue to triumphing in cup competitions at least. You need to just accept it, move on and concentrate on proving your stripes as loyal supporters while we deal with the new wave of gloryhunters.

  6. Roy Keane on Alfie Haaland still makes me feel sick. It ended his career, then Keane went boasting about it in his book.

    You’re posting it on here, but I bet you’d pretend to cry like a baby if anyone mentioned the “M” word.

    Manchester City becoming the richest team in the world was karma.

    My best mate (also a City fan) bought a Man utd bond. He either gets 10% a year for 10 years, plus his £100 back, or Utd become insolvent and he loses his £100. Either way, he laughing.

  7. Absolutely sick. I agree wholeheartedly with Zorrin’s sentiments regarding the ‘M’ word.

    Double-standard rags, as always.

  8. Thank you, my son just read thios drivvel and bitterness, now i dont need to worry about rags brainwashing him. He now sees what you really really are.
    Saved me some time 🙂

  9. i was reading some of the replies but then got to thick micks post about shitty then the words money and silverware one cup in 36 years does not add up to silverware, just because the useless part of manchester has got the camelshaggers on board is by no means a silverware winner,,wake up thick mick and go shovel camel shit with brain dead teves.

  10. Bad taste.

    United fans need to be bigger than wishing injuries on a player we let go. I don’t want to see him lifting the Champions League trophy for City any time soon but he’s been through a lot of grief.

    We should wish him well – it’s hard with him joining the other lot but I hope he plays again.

  11. Hargreaves may have offered to play for free for a year, but would he give back the 3 years of wages he gladly took for doing NOTHING.

  12. Typical city LOL. Scraping around in the Champions bin to see what they can find. You cant polish a turd remember berties! Paying big bucks to players who offered to play for us for free? haha some never change. Or was it another of your small time pr stunts? Probably. Either way, we pity your pathetic little club.

    Personally I wish owen all the best. Hes a good guy who has been unlucky. I dont blame him for going to get a big pay day from the camel fuckers.

    When city sign a decent player for a respectable wage they deserve, then i will fear them. Until then its funny to see more than half their team, including average shite like barry lescott richards and milner, on bigger wages than Uniteds best player! Yet their still nowhere near us. Forever in our shadow comes to mind!

    Enjoy your sloppy seconds Berties


  13. Look at all the giddy bitters getting excited at signing our used and abused!

    Desperation or what!


  14. Nice to see the racist comments there Jason gerrard and CoolyhurstRedArmy…. Bitter and racist…you truly are a credit to your club

  15. Just when we thought rags could not get any lower, up pop these guys and TOTALLY redeem themselves. lol

  16. Lets face it. The reds will even resort to racism to try and get there point across, wont they collyhurst! and dont give it ‘ive got a mate who is black’ crap. United fans are getting desperate that they didn’t sign Sniejder. I wonder how many of the stupid fuckers went and got his name on the back of their shirts?. Still if your a pedo Young will do!

  17. Im a United fan and find this revolting, it goes beyond banter to repugnant behaviour. HArgreaves is not Tevez, he is a free agent who SAF CHOSE to release. Hargreaves chose the best option available,at City he can train with good staff and players compared to West Brom his other option. And from what I understand he earns no money unless he plays so it can’t be financially motivated. Good luck Owen H.

  18. jason gerrard who the fucks Teves? typical ‘can’t spell, won’t spell rag. I bet you’ve got YUNG on the back of your shirt.
    CollyhurstRedArmy name says it all. 1 man is not an army as your led to believe. Its like writing a letter on behalf of yourself. If anger brings out racism I wonder what hatred will do? LOOKS LIKE THE DOLE OFFICE IS IN FOR SOME……………..!

  19. @??????? says: September 1, 2011 at 10:36 pm “Oh dear frank letting the standards slip to say the least. Totally classless!”

    I may have this wrong BUT if you are aiming this comment at me you are badly mistaken. There’s no need for me to defend the opinion of Big Boss, he is more than capable of doing that himself but please read my take on the Hargreaves story which was written 24 hours earlier – https://www.trulyreds.com/20110830/hargreaves-should-go-to-city-with-our-good-wishes/

  20. You are sick.bet you were out looting with the rest of the scum.this is beyond friendly banter.your not a fan but use football as a vehicle for violence and racist views.i have respect for united and what they have achieved.and to the remarks about city trying to buy success well that may be true,but you should understand the history of your own club before mouthing off.in 1902 brewer jj Davies heavily invested in united and funded the building of old trafford.you had significantly had more money than other teams and were nicknamed moneybags united.this led to your success then even if you were reprimanded over questionable financial reporting in 1910.you have been bailed out numerous times from going bankrupt by rich businesses.this is not a dig as i have respect for what you have achieved but football has existed for more than 20 years and even cal to its roots now has driven success.by the way well done to you united fans who wished Owen well.to the rest,shame on you.colly you are an idiot.

  21. Guys, how bitter you are. Carlos has improved so much at city, and hargreaves is a win-win for us, one year contract, pay as ya play, if he pulls himself together then he’s an auto for england. You ‘reds’ need to be more like us blues and wish your ex players all the best. He fought hard for your lot and was a quality player. Now you joke about his injuries, the jokes on you, you paid the contract whilst he was in the physio room, he’s never been injured for us yet and on lower wages bahahaha

  22. I would like to welcome all of you!

    About Frank,he is not the only writer here… this website got more than four writers. Each one has his own opinion…

    As Redevil said, you missed the point from this article…however it looked harsh.


    I’ve been listening to the “tick tock” since the foundation of this website and before that , what happened?

    United won 2 premier league, 2 league cups, 3 Community shield, 1 Fifa club World cup and 1 Uefa Champions League

    City: 1 Fa Cup (after long “tick tocking”) 😀

    You are dreaming if u think our time is running out

    see you on: Sun 23rd OCT 2011 at 13:30 and Sat 28th APR 2012 at 15:00.


  23. Ha.just for fun.really fun watching peoples career put in jeopardy or being ended.just for fun would have been a funny article instead with ridiculous scenarios which wouldn’t have happened.like hargreaves celebrating a goal to reveal a united shirt underneath.just because you say its just for fun doesn’t justify it.its like someone beating someone up,but before they do saying its just for fun.maybe that’s a bit extreme but by the videos you posted wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how you get your kicks.and the tick toc thing is friendly banter unlike what you have written.i myself have never said that because its obvious you will always be competing for honours especially since the intro of the ffp which keeps the elite,elite.

  24. innit bluearmy. Vid of other players experiencing injuries ain’t much fun. Just hargreaves appearing against utd will make me laugh.

  25. Do man city fans enjoy buying manure’s used and abused? I think man city are a just very petty and small time to be honest.

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