5 thoughts on “Glazers MUST clear Manchester United debt

  1. There can be no UTD fan not worried by the debt . We do though beleive as long as the team preforms we are safe . We were the best of a bad bunch last season. If Citeh produce the goods this time the Glazers will know they were stood on a volcano !
    They are businessmen and American to boot the bottom line is their only goal .

  2. Actually I’m not worried about the debt, though of course I dislike the fact we waste £45m a year in interest.

    However, if the Glazers use the proceeds of the flotation to pay off the debt rather putting it into their own pockets, which they could do, won’t it be because they intend to make the club pay them (and the new shareholders) dividends instead?

    For the Glazers it’s all about making money and if they think United can be a top team while still making tens of millions more than they spend then they will find a way to helping themselves to that surplus.

    If the club really was valued at £2bn then a 3% dividend yield would mean an annual dividend payment of £60m a year! So we could actually be better off with the debt.

  3. Let’s wait to see if they clear the debt, if they dont then we can start real opposition.
    The same group who are fighting the glazers are the ones who opposed the Sky take over, Sky would not have had us in this mess.
    All Down to Fergie the greatest ever Red.

    Manchester United have never been bailed out by the governments like Barca and Madrid. All this money started years ago in Italy and spain when the top clubs could spend as much as they wanted then go bankrupt the get bailed and do it all again. How were other clubs to compete? What really gets me is, you dont hear blatter bringing Spain to question. Fifa corrupt to the core.

  4. I totally agree with you Paul… If they clear the debt ,then we can have postive view abt them ….fifa? We’ll need a special website to talk about their corruption!

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