4 thoughts on “The Unsung Heroes of Fergie’s 25 Years

  1. What a read as ever from Tom.
    Brilliant and we pull together in time of adversity, or not firing on all fronts.
    I must just question mate when you declare Ronney Johnsen and his appearances, this is the Premier league right?
    He made 150, including Euro comps and domestic comps.
    Good to see you back mate!

  2. RedScot, great to hear from you mate. Thanks for the comment, but your praise should be directed to one Liam “Wrestlemania” Brown, not me. Liam doesn’t have his own account for the website so we have to post his articles via mine, appreciate it’s probably a bit confusing.

    I am working on an article at the moment though, hopefully have it on in the next few days, and I’m gonna try and get back to doing some articles using the Guardian chalkboards as well. Love those things.

  3. Short but brilliant article, very good to see my countrymate (Fortune) being thrown in there. Thanks for the article, keep up the good work…

  4. RedScot – Sorry for the confusion over the author, we’ll get that sorted soon. As for the appearances, that’s right 99 in the league, shame it couldn’t have been more, but his trophy haul in that time looks pretty tasty doesn’t it? 🙂

    Sibongiseni Nene – It was a little shorter than I’d like, been writing a lot articles so some are shorter than others, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Felt good to give Quinton some praise, always look back fondly on him, would you believe me if I told you a former roommate of mine went to the sane church as Quinny?

    Anyway thanks to both of you for taking the time to read my article.


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