Martin Edwards

The Unsung Heroes of Fergie’s 25 Years

Upon the anniversary of Martin Edwards changing the history of Manchester United the internet has been awash with “Fergie’s Greatest Xi” and “Fergie’s Greatest Signings” and it has got me thinking about some of the unsung heroes, the few that Fergie spent modest amounts on and achieved understated, almost workman like returns on his investment.

Mark Bosnich says Fergie instigated Rooney saga

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich believes that the Wayne Rooney saga was all a sham stage managed by Sir Alex Ferguson to put pressure on the Glazers into freeing up more money for him to bolster the squad. The now retired Australian who spent five years under Ferguson in two spells at Old Trafford told the Fox Sports channel that in his opinion “Sir Alex basically played a very, very smart move”

The life of a football fan can never be easy

Us football fans can be a fickle lot can’t we? It should be quite straight forward really, we support a particular club for whatever reason, watch them play every time we can, then feel ecstatic when a game is won or distraught when it’s lost. For the money we pay at the gate we earn the absolute right to imagine that we can be stronger in a tackle than Vidic, spray 50 yard passes more accurately than Scholes, head goals more often than Rooney and manage the club more effectively than Ferguson! Simple isn’t it? Or is it?