5 thoughts on “Greatest United XI, Busby Babes and The Terminator

  1. Thats quite a review of the DVD you have provided.Dare I say fairly cutting (also) edge! 🙂
    Can I ask what sort of commission you are on to infiltrate our minds and make us start thinking of letters to the white bearded one in never never land.Its a given you are reviewing the DVD, which is a freebie,a sampler a sprat to catch the mackeral.We(the unwashed and slightly dippy) are the said fish right?.
    Anyhow its all about views and expression I for one will attain the DVD….by hook, crook or legitimate means.
    Thanks for the review it sounds perfect for a day in the house when its pissing down with rain and a box of Milk tray and just Sky plus ‘gone with the wind’or ‘the Snowman’ they are just so predictable! 🙂
    Fear not I read an article on a site that rattled on for 3000 words on my favourite ‘burger’.It was hillarious and beautifully written.
    Well played Liam.

  2. No commission so far RedScot but there is still hope, all in all its a bit of a mixed bag of a dvd really, but as always its one man’s opinion, rainy bank holiday viewing is a good shout, if you do get it, check out Bryan Robson in disc 4, something odd going on (pissed again), you’ll see what I mean. Thanks for the comments as always chum.

  3. Cheers lads you know my posts are generally done , tongue in cheek and with a humour and wickedness in my eye.For fun and to see reaction.Its the way of a blog.
    Always remember lads I love United.
    Where would you prefer to be, in Arsenals or Chelsea’s postion 12 points behind …Them!
    A win is a win.

  4. We don’t doubt your love for the lads, as I hope you don’t doubt ours, dirty win tonight, but a win is a win, and keeps the gap between THEM as it was a fortnight ago. Good banter keeps this stuff rolling, so thanks again for the comments and laughs mate.

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