4 thoughts on “Why Did It Have To Be A Relief At The End?

  1. Why the uproar about Suarez not shaking Evra’s black (politically correct) hand? The FA of England on behalf of all English people condoned racism by stopping ALL handshakes in the QPR v Chelsea pre-match build-up.

  2. it seems to be a recurring symptom of the ‘new’ United isn’t it? everytime we take a 2 or 3 goal lead, we just sort of roll over and play dead. There just seemsto be no interest in the players anymore. Michael Carrick personified this. He was brilliant until United were 2-0 up, but then sort of become the white John Obi Mikel and kept passing sideways!

    Agree about Evans, Rafael and de Gea. Evans was solid, and I don’t usually say that often. Outshined Rio thoughout the match, so did Rafael, who actually managed to win a header against Andy Carroll, who is about 7 inches taller than him 🙂 de Gea made a superb save from Glen Johnson, just what the lad needed to do. Will surely help his confidence in the long term. No comment on either Evra or Suarez, personally I think both were pathetic.

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