17 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson’s reaction to Arsenal winning a trophy this season!

  1. I read similar comments when Ronaldo left Man U and yes he also went on to bigger and better things. I don’t wish him injuries, but I’m surprised he didn’t sign for a team capable of winning the Champions League before he retires.

  2. y o need to kow that Arsenalhas gone to chamions league forl 12 seasons under Wenger and among those its only one season that Van persie has been at the fore front of leading the team to that success.
    for 8 years last season was his best ever .what are u talking about.

  3. I thought this was a utd blog ?

    Anyway what was the point of this post…. to show arsenal are self-sustanable ?? Or they produce players like cesc, nasri and RVP ??

    Just to remind you…. utd won the same amount of trophies as arsenal last season !!!

  4. when did u start watching football?? last season? what’s to respect in a man who left his club when they really needed him? after arsenal put time money and effort to get him to play like he should be playing? all that work of 8 seasons just gone! and you want us to be happy for him?…yea good one kid!

  5. This wasn’t written by a 10-year old, but by someone who’s clearly learned English as a second language. I’d like to encourage the writer to keep trying. Languages are difficult, but diligence and effort will pay off in the end.

  6. just remember that before Fergie took over you lot you had failed to win the league for how many years? Was it 23 or 26? whos to say this wont happen again especially as your finances seem a little perilous at the moment!
    Also remember that team from down by the mersey used to once rule the roost and look at them now!
    As a football fan you should always remember that what comes around usually goes around.
    If i was you lot I would stop the swagger,take a reality pill and hope you win something this year with that team of crocs and old boys because I seriously dont think you will be top dogs for much longer.
    But then I suppose you could always go and support Chelsea or something as most of you live in the south of England anyway.LOL!!!

  7. Easy for to pour scorn on the Arsenal but would I be seriously concerned by your owners financial situation. If they go under the your club would go with them. Their shopping malls are empty and why are they creaming off millions to the cayman islands? Re finance this re finance that Scary! No wonder half your stadium is GREEN AND YELLOW!

    Versus Arsenal who are close to a debt free existence and have lucrative naming rights coming up. Your less at risk than your neighbours and the Chavs with FFP. Everything moves in cycles – and yours has finished! just look at Liverpool. They could feasibly go down this year.

  8. Judging from the start that Arsenal made this season so far and the departure of their star players, and don’t think they will win the league or any trophy this season. They still need more experienced players.

  9. so where is old red nose’s reaction to the Arsenal winning a trophy this year then ?… ahh it doesnt exist.

    just another manc shit flicker posing as a journo …. absolute shite

    Up The Arsenal

  10. I honestly do not understand the basis of this, no club’s supporters or fans go happy that their major player for a season had to leave when things were beginning to turn good. I do not and will never wish RVP injuries but rather that his goals will not be enough to give ManU the title, if I were a ManU fan (which am not) then I wont be happy to see good players leave so its same here being an Arsenal fan.

    Now this writer has taken the pains to outline RVP injuries for the past 8 years, does this not speak good about the club who had him in the books all those years? You should also have pointed out that Mikael Silvestre to Arsenal was more of a minus (lol) If this post shows how self sustainable Arsenal can be then there is really no point for some of the points mentioned in here.

    I simply don’t know what what perspective you are looking at the match of Saturday the 3rd of November 2012, but let that day comes and we all know who smiles last between Wenger and Sir Ferguson

  11. How many trophies would Fergie have won without outspending the rest of the league? ZERO!!!

    As soon as Chelsea and City (and even Blackburn) outspend United – United win NOTHING!!!!

    Yet Wenger has won ALL his trophies WITHOUT buying them!

    Get a grip, you deluded Mancs!

  12. As regards the finance the share issue has placed a lot of money in the Glaziers’ pockets and increased that debt of the club. Focus will now shift to paying dividends to keep the price up.
    The Glaziers seem to be treating the club as a cash cow we have seen from the former Rangers club that can lead to disaster.

  13. yet there we see rvp sitting on bench injured,while arsenal battering southampton,a team manure struggled to beat.meanwhile the mighty manure still no goals against the power house that is wigan lol.

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