3 thoughts on “David Moyes – The Next Chapter of success

  1. How has moyes got this repretation for producing young english players. The list of players to come out of evertons academy in his tenure are:- Rooney, Jeffers, Rodwell, Coleman and tony hibbert. So five players came through the academy while he was in charge, 3 which were sold and only 1 who can be classed a top quaility, al though coleman looks like he’ll be a top player. His main success has been in getting the last years out of solid ageing pro’s and buying from the championship. His record of buying in the foreign market is very hit and miss, for every fallani there’s a jacukbu.

  2. Fair enough comment swiller but you are forgetting one crucial factor. David Moyes did not have Sir Alex by his side at Everton! Fergie is not going anywhere for a while yet and his input in the development of our Youth will continue to be enormous.

  3. Swiller you seem to have forgotten Leon Osman, Anichebe, Vaughan. Barkley is also on the way through.
    So thats 3 England internationals at the very least, not at all bad. Arguably United have more youth players at a good standard so every chance he will make the effort to bring them through, not least so as to help make a good impression to United fans.

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