5 thoughts on “Analysis of Manchester United’s Possession & Counterattacking Play Part 1

  1. It’s interesting to see how Man Utd fared yesterday without Welbeck diving or a corrupt ref like Dean to award a clear non-penalty

  2. great piece. even when controlling the game, United really have become quite plodding and predictable. I’m not sure of the extent to which the issue with excessive safe passing can be resolved without resorting to buying quality in the transfer window. Carrick’s return should improve things, but it’s ridiculous for a club of this stature to only have one decent passer in midfield (Giggs at least attempts the killer ball, but obviously can’t start games regularly).

  3. this is a very interesting analysis…it is clear that our problem is that our players / most of them are not adventurous and hence seek to play that simple pass…also, the fact that everyone is playing for their place in the team for the next match, no one wants to make many mistakes and hence the simple things to them is good as that will almost guarantee that they will play in the next match… the bigger problem however is that the manager does not instruct his players to be mo adventurous..i believe Moyes tells the lads to try and find a simple way to win and if that cant happen then commit yourselves to defend and try not to lose….

  4. Thanks and it really is quite ridiculous. I still think our patterns of play are just not helping the team be more adventurous in our offensive organization. Our midfield is bad but I think a more aggressive/adventurous coach/tactician/manager would have us playing better stuff than we are now. Not saying Moyes isn’t good but I think it’s plain to see he approaches games with caution first.

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