5 thoughts on “Analysis of Manchester United’s Possession & Counterattacking Play Part 2

  1. I notice you didn’t analyse the GOOOOAAAAL!!!??

    In fairness to ManU, you did not play badly, and while Moyes is taking a lot of stick for being beaten, credit surely has to go to Everton for the intensity of their (our) play, the speed of attack, good passing and lack of fear in going toe to toe or eye to eye as Martinez called it.

    A fair result might have been 2-2, but hey this is football and results are often by the narrowest of margins and little bits of luck!!

  2. I completely agree with that last sentence. My focus was more on patterns of play and different aspects of our midfield and counterattack. I was definitely impressed with Everton’s performance. You kept going right until the end. There was nothing to really analyze about the goal. Valencia was ball-watching and Oviedo was ready to pounce.

  3. interesting analysis. how much of these tactics should be attributed to Moyes, and how much should be attributed to the abilities of our players? last year, with largely the same players, what did we do differently under SAF?

  4. Hi augustine. I apologize for the late reply. Well for one thing, SAF was a master motivator and it showed in how the players responded to adversity. Also the main difference is how Evra is used. Under Sir Alex, Evra was allowed to drift inside when the team was in possession. Other than that there’s not too much which is different but that’s what bothers me. We should be moving on from what Fergie put in place and improving on it. Sadly, I see no sign of that.

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