1 thought on “Troubled legacy of David Moyes lives on in form of disruptive Rooney

  1. Why is it that all you people only focus on Rooney for the club’s troubles. Rooney along with De Gea were the ONLY 2 players who actually played like they gave a damn about our results!! Everyone else did sweet bugger all!! Yet it is always Rooney who is the problem. And I’m getting sick and tired of the way everyone else is getting special treatment when they shouldn’t!

    You people need your heads examined. Just because Ferguson said to hate the guy doesn’t mean you should. Stop jumping on the bandwagon. I bet if Ferguson told you to jump off a cliff you would without question. Ferguson should’ve fixed the midfield instead of telling everyone to hate on one guy

    Without the goals Rooney has scored this season(19) and his assists(15), we would be fighting relegation. AND THAT IS A FACT!!! Where would all your other heroes be then? Who of them would you have blamed then?

    PS: I didn’t read the article because it will be the same BS that’s on every other site.

    Peace out

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