17 thoughts on “£50 Million – Deal ‘Nearly Complete’ – Third Summer Signing

  1. Would love to see United get in Pepe also plus was another dirt cheap winger that was talked about who was high on both assist’s and goal scoring, if United have the pace in every area of the pitch and with players who have goal scoring in their blood, this is what we need at United, we also need to make sure we get in a good strong pacey cb, a pacey central midfielder and a top quality striker maybe even 2 but must have pace and finishing like a Griezmann or Neymar, I do have reservations about this striker who plays for Seville as in, does he have the pace, I also feel that we need to get rid of Smalling in this window as next season he will BE A MASSIVE LIABILITY simply because he pulls shirts & holds onto players in the penalty area, this has not really been a problem yet but next season it will be because of VAR, this season if you DONT have top quality defenders who can tackle, you will be even more vulnerable because of VAR so if you have pacey attacking players from this season, if you go into the penalty area you stand a good chance of getting a penalty either by normal play or by VAR.

  2. There is suppose to be a problem in man United, because having a transfer deal end is not always easy, from one player to the other,and finally end up with none or those to make supporters cry again next season.

  3. Yet to have a central defender,Van Bissaka is not one,but once he was got,the defensive problem suffered last season seem to have been forgotten.I will came up with the name of a player who can solve that defensive problem.

  4. Bruno would be a good addition to our squad going forward given his numbers and positional intelligence. He is brilliant while playing with the established players and quick at his decision making on and off the ball. The fee is a little hiked but with more negotiations he will come for an understandable fee. Good luck guys.

  5. Please sign Bruno he is a excellent player who can upgrade our attacking and creating chances of getting more goals. Add also, DM with alot experience, a Striker and CB if possible. For a swap of Lukaku with Icardi and Rajan is a good deal for ST and DM and use that money instead to sign CB..
    And I assure you with these all signings we will be Champions soon..
    My Club my happiness. Always a good fun and love Man Utd as part of me.
    Waiting to see that done if possible

  6. Smalling is the best of the rest currently (assuming Lindelof a shoe-in), with Bailly proving too brittle. Jones must have a fantastic attitude in training, as I really don’t see why he hasn’t been moved on, whilst Tojo’s best spell was just before he was injured in the Europa League semi-final and he’s been a passenger ever since.

    I’ve always worried about Smalling’s concentration and we know he’s no libero but his shirt-pulling is a real liability.

    It’s good to see Daniel James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka being signed and hopefully we won’t botch Bruno Fernandes’s transfer and Sean Longstaff seems to have a bright future.

    But we’re still short of a ready-made CB, DCM & striker for Rashford & Martial to play off, where we now need to seriously invest.

    Ben Yedder isn’t a bad fall-back option (though I’d have loved to see Sebastian Haller come in) and we could yet negotiate Icardi for Lukaku or Dybala in a deal for Pogba, BUT if MBAPPE would come, I’d rather sell Pogba to PSG (see how that fits in with his 5 year plan) to get the best forward in the world or at least use the funds towards getting Mbappe. We must get involved.

    DCM – No brainer, must be Thomas Partey (Ndombele, next best) and coming back to CB, we need to ENSURE one of Koulibaly, Skriniar, Dias or Varane in a deal for Pogba.

    If not now, then in January, we need to bring in Haller, van de Beek & Ibrahima Konaté, who are very much under the radar, but won’t be for long, much like de Ligt, Jovic, de Jong were this time last year.

  7. Failing to sign Bruno Fernandes after all running and emerging efforts since the start of the transfer window, would seem, to me, as the irredeemable inadequacy on the part of the club. I mean, who turns his back to such a massive play maker? I literally take out, specifically, a little space of time to follow every step on the move regarding the singning of the player. I acknowledge the team includes a number of fantastic players and the outstanding PAUL POGBA. However, The next line of event at old Trafford, this coming season, might bear less or no difference with the past experiences if players like Bruno doesn’t belong to the squad. Say for the fact that He’s firm on the ball or how he dares the competence of goal keepers from distance. He is ever serious minded with his business. He uses the ball productively and protects the second line of defence like a gladiator. Manchester united should not back out from this move. I don’t care even if it means I am going to contribute to the funds which would precipitate his successful landing.

  8. I agree with the signings but Rashford 200k a week when he can’t head the ball and fourth highest scorer. 4 seasons in the league and he hasn’t improved
    Bissaka 80k a week judge must think he is paying with Monopoly money.
    Sell Rashford and keep Lukaku. With a good overlapping full back and a good midfielder Lukaku will score a bucketful

  9. We are wasting time on signing Bruno Fernandez, this a player we need badly.
    After watching his clips I was compelled to put up this piece. His goal scoring prowess is exquisite. He is very much composed when he is scoring goals.
    He is also very good at taking freekicks and spot kicks.
    I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be a good addition at Old Trafford.

  10. Problem our team agree terms to higher wages which will eventually cause problems and we dont know what criteria you use to reach such figures. Sanchez is a waste and does not even deserve such a huge salary.Good players you pay less why? Do away with Sanchez and keep Pogba. On Rashford i agree with Trevor that’s not worth for him.

  11. I commented on Rashford contract extension but was surprised that the comments were not published.
    Anyways, I’m here to repeat the write up.
    My concern about Rashford contract is not necessarily the huge amount of the perse.
    But his performance in United, I feel Lukaku is of a better forward than Rashford.
    Rashford does not worth more than £100,000 for now, may be just may be, he improves we would be talking about giving him an improved wages.
    Please, please and please is Lukaku leaves we would need nothing less than 2 seasoned forwards to compliment the under performed forwards we have.

  12. Man utd board have to reason because signing big amount of money within england do not make sense. There are better players out there sign some and stop fooling. Why do want to sign this better player with less money and go in for england foolish players with huge amount. Ole you better sign the 50million deal because he is far better than those you are chasing with huge amount. You want to sign playes in england while they will not do anything better to the team, coach please rethink about it


  14. All our backline are not top class except Lindelof and new arrival Wan Bissaka. Sanchez is past his best and Pogba has a lot to offer if be buttons his mouth and concentrates on the pitch. Martial should be faster on the left wing and Rashford should be quicker in decision making inside the box. Lukaku should work on his weight and be super electric. Mata and Lingard should just toughen up. Matic is a forgotten case.

  15. whate so ever man u aer doing if thay have no sining fanandes is robish for now

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