Six United legends who never made the World Cup

Four years of anticipation and expectations are now only hours away. Some of football’s greatest stars are assembled in South Africa preparing to put on “The Greatest Show On Earth” but a number of others will be watching the 2010 World Cup from their living rooms back home. It must be frustrating for grossly talented players who are capable of lighting up the tournament with their outstanding skills but whose countries were unable to obtain one of the only 32 spots available.

How Evra escaped the fighting streets of Paris

One day Patrice Evra will write a book. He has an inspirational story to tell by a footballer who offers a rare insight into life at Old Trafford under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson. Evra is a wonderful story teller who articulates as well as anyone what it means to play for Manchester United and arguably the world’s greatest manager. Fluent in five languages and now working hard to master Korean so that he can converse with his close friend Ji-Sung Park, he tackles a large variety of subjects. This is a lengthy, exclusive interview by Matt Lawton which was published in the Daily Mail on May 1st 2010.

Fans no longer crave quality at Old Trafford

The matter of the Manchester United enigma named Dimitar Berbatov was only brought up in these columns a few weeks ago but his performances since, culminating in last Sunday’s somewhat petulant display at Ewood Park, has put the Bulgarian’s name back on everyone’s lips. It may be timely therefore to revisit the question of where he goes from here because his time at Old Trafford could well be coming to an end.