Thierry Henry

Irrational exuberance, football fans and the Mona Lisa!

What do footballers and football fans have in common with the Mona Lisa? Well I wouldn’t be asking the question if the answer wasn’t “something”, would I now?

In his book Irrational Exuberance, the Yale economist Robert Shiller explains how the inherent psychological characteristics of human beings and their application to social situations and, well, life, cause irrational stock market and housing market bubbles, with a bubble being where an asset (such as a share in a company or a house) is valued at an amount that is greater than what it is actually worth (think of the famous Tulip-mania in 17th century Holland, those silly Dutch buggers).

Sir Alex and Mourinho are football brothers in arms

Having been a lifelong, avid book reader, primarily football autobiographies of course, the release of Sir Alex Fergusons new book “Football Bloody Hell” scheduled to hit the shelves this week already has me salivating. It’s a book that has been anxiously awaited since Fergusons “Managing My Life” a decade ago and if a preview written by Andy Mitten for the Manchester Evening News is any guide, it will be sitting on my bookshelf the minute it hits the stores.

Ryan Giggs should become the new face of United

Mention the name of Sir Bobby Charlton anywhere in the world and what’s the first thing that’s likely to come to mind? England 1966? World Cup Winner? The odds are that it will be neither of those because Charlton has been the face of Manchester United for years. As much as we all want him to stay around for many more, the great man will turn 73 in October and it’s only a matter of time before he will need to be replaced by a new club icon. So who could possibly be a better choice than Ryan Giggs, a one club legend who is likely to end his glorious career at the age of 37? It’s therefore a little disappointing to see speculation that Giggs could end up spending his retirement in the United States.