Blasphemy! Liverpool are welcome to beat United

Winning the Premier League is one of the toughest tasks in world sport – and it has been made just that little bit harder for Manchester United. Two weather hit, postponed away matches have now been rescheduled with the trip to Blackpool taking place on January 25 and a visit to title holders Chelsea set down for Tuesday March 1. The West London fixture was initially due to be played last Sunday but was postponed – possibly prematurely, due to heavy snowfall around Stamford Bridge. That date is subject to change however if either side has an FA Cup replay to fit into an already tight schedule. Should both teams be eliminated from the competition in the third or fourth round, the fixture could be brought forward to an earlier weekend – and I for one am hoping for it!

Clubs like United and Liverpool need a revolution

Truly Reds has never been radical or politically driven nor is it about to start preaching anarchy now. We believe however, that the time has come for football fans to take control of their clubs from the Gordon Gekko type greedy tycoons who are slowly destroying our great clubs and even the game itself. All shades of governments and self appointed football guardians like the FA, UEFA and FIFA are either unable or, more than likely unwilling, to stop OUR clubs from being financially driven out of existence by corporations who only see them as a means of making a quick, few million bucks. Football has sadly become all about the might dollar.