Stanley Matthews

Pay tribute to Red Nev by reading his book

It was far from unexpected but the decision of Red Nev to hang up his boots still fills Manchester United fans with a sense of ‘is it REALLY the end?’ for someone who has been part of the United furniture for nearly as long as Sir Alex Ferguson. Gary Neville is one of United’s most established players, making his senior debut for the club in the UEFA Cup back in 1992 and has worked the right side of Old Trafford tirelessly for as long as most fans can remember. Gazza may never win any popularity contests amongst rival fans but he is certainly loved by all True Reds

The 1958 United v Bolton, Munich FA Cup Final

Up until Liverpool met Merseyside neighbors Everton in the tragic 1989 Hillsborough FA Cup Final, the most emotional event ever held at Wembley Stadium was without doubt the Manchester United clash with Bolton Wanderers in the 1958 Final – for very obvious reasons. Greg Struthers of The Sunday Times remembered the occasion fifty years later.