28 thoughts on “Why some fans are NOT really supporters

  1. Grow up, that’s football. Will Utd fans be cheering for Atletico Madrid on Thursday…YES!

  2. Oh do shut up, come on Chelsea for the League. Liverpool please field a youth team and annoy Whiskey nose Fergie……….

  3. Your an idiot, football has changed a lot, if we were about to get our hands on number 19 based on Manchester United winning and grabbing 5th of 6th spot I think Fergie would easily field a weakened team and take 6th over 5th just to see us lose out on the title. 4th place is unrealistic target now. Spurs , City & Villa aren’t all going to mess up.

  4. spoke like a manc, you should stick to yourown crappy team. if the roles were reversed the mancs, would do the same and you know it. you don,t deserve it anyway if you expect other teams to help you. be honest this year every team has been shite.thats why there are no teams left in the champions league. but don,t expect any help from us, as we play on thursday so are players need a rest. team to play mancs, no1 ken dodd, 2 cilla black. 3 micheal sheilds 4,jimmy corkhill, 5 derek hatton,6holly johnson,7mimi maguire 8 jimmy tarbuck 9 freddie starr, 10 sinbad the window cleaner, and of course 11 lucas.. we should help chelsea with there goal diffrence too. you idiot you know fa about us every true scouser wants chelsea to win on sunday, the ones that don,t are mancs.. and win they will ha ha

  5. Has there ever been bigger hypocrites than Manchester United fans?? I doubt it.
    He you go,…. carping on about how Liverpool fans hate other clubs more than they love their own. And yet what do we hear week in week out at Old Trafford, regardless of who you play against?
    Your despicable chants about how you’ve won it 3 times “without killing anyone”.
    I think you need to re-assess your facts mate!

  6. Interesting responses. I assume you are all to young, or ignorant, to remember 1995 when on the last day of the season this was exactly the situation. Liverpool v Blackburn, Dalglish was their manager and Blackburn need to win to be champions and stop united. Of course liverpool lay down and lost to ensure United didn’t win it, didn’t they? No they bloody well didn’t – we beat Blackburn and luckily United blew it so still didn’t win the league. That is what professionals do. I suspect the players don’t really care whether Uniteed or Chelsea win it and that’s why they will try their best, as they always should.

  7. in a way that is match fixing,it about having ambition, no matter what i
    would never want man utd to lose a game of football,playing in European
    should mean the world to you so call fan.

  8. Well, you obviously have much more time than I do to scan all sorts or forums etc, but I didn’t read once that anybody wanted Liverpool to lose deliberately. And I would call for Rafas head anyway, so if anyone else does so don’t put it down on us beating Chelsea (wishful thinking here) rather than people being fed up with his negative tactics and starting the season with only one real centre forward and so on…

  9. I don’t see what the fuss is all about…we are going to beat Chelsea and then Sunderland are going to beat scum…its all very simple really.

    Furthermore…Spurs will lose to Bolton and City and Villa will draw and we will be back in the race for 4th spot.

    Just to continue with my insanity…Chelsea will mark the start of a winning run that will see us crowned premier league champs in May 2011.

  10. Just as the article say scousers dont support their team. if you loose livepool will not even be in the europa league next year. what about the integrity of the league? if weak side put to sword by chelsea then liverpool should be deducted points next season

  11. Pathetic article. Playing mind games like red nose faggortson does? Only a true Liverpool fan will want Manure to lost the title. After all, it was the bastard Neville who started all these hate about Liverpool and bloody prick Rooney that said that it sicken him that Liverpool won the Champions League in 2005 against Milan. U are but a loser Manure fan who needs favours from others. As though Manure would be doing the same for us if it was Liverpool who was fighting for the title. Get a life prick. Anyway, Sunderland with former Manure player Steve Bruce will ROLL OVER for Manure. Probably will be a scoreline like 6-0 so as to help in the goal difference.

  12. Actually, we will know better where we stand as far as 4th place is concerned after the Saturday matches finish! If there is no chance for 4th place then I would like to see some of the young guns get a go at home against Chelski! If we win on Thursday then resting some players might be the right move, as long as the Saturday results put us out of 4th place. YNWA

  13. Er sorry but your assertion that by wanting Liverpool to do lose means that the fans in question hate other teams more than they love their own is a bit mistaken. You see it is most likely one game loss and nothing else (seen as other teams are far more likely to take 4th position)as apposed to wanting our arch rivals not just winning the league but overtaking us in the number of leagues won. Do you think we would want to lose lets say even the Europa Cup final on purpose so by some quirkiness Man U lose the league? ofcourse not. You need to get some perspective on things. Stop exaggerating.

  14. Anyway would love to see Whisky Noses face explode when he sees Rafa rest a few of his senior players.

  15. Ted Danson, can you do math? Liverpool need 1 point from last 2 games to get the Europa spot. Integrity of league? What bout all the teams at the bottom of the table who fielded weakened sides against man u, most notably wolves? Maybe those games should be replayed then? ur an idiot

  16. Let all us true Manchester United fans stop and think for a minute.
    Next season, two games to go, we are in the scousers position and they are in ours…… would we all be hoping we do them a favour and help seal title number NINETEEN for them.
    Would Gary Neville feel a contempt man for the rest off his life knowing he was in the team that more or less handed the scousers to go one better in the title race than us.
    On the surface he would be Bullshitting it like all the dogooders, pc fans and liars, saying it’s for the good of the game, inside Neville will live with the burning thought that he helped them scouse bastards go past them in titles won.
    Now I hate the scouse bastards just as much as any other Red and beat up my fair share in great fights in the 7o’s but to accuse them off lying down against rent boys….. I wouldn’t blame them one bit if they did because I know if we are ever in that position then 99% would want us to do the same the 1% are liars or better still not true United fans.
    Wake up…… It’s called football rivalry, we hate them mother truckers and they hate us.
    We always wish they lose and vice versa.
    Thank you scouse fuckers for your honesty in wishing us bad, shame your team is so fucking dumb that they’ll go out and hammer the rent boys hahaha
    Thanks in advance for beating them 2-1

  17. I must just also add that this post put up by the author put up is quite embarrassing read and a blinkered eye opinion.

    He obviously is a PC man off lete and not aware of the hatred between the two clubs.

    Therefore too all Liverpool fans, I would like to apologise for the author trying to make you out to be bad supporters.

    Now Fuck Off you scouse twats and watch your team win Number 19 for us

    Next seasons chant….. We won the football league again, this time at Scousers ground, this time at Scousers ground, this time at Scousers ground.

    Oh and I’ll be preparing a banner to take to Anfield next season, a simple one saying….. “Thank You for Number 19”

  18. What garbage!!! I dont want to see us lose a game and noway would anyone from the club come out in public and say that they are gonna throw the game. Throw in the fact that if we do beat Athletico on Thursday night, the final is about 2 weeks away so the only reason for resting players is tiredness.

    Liverpool need the win on Sunday just as much as Chelsea do so expect an open game, it wouldnt surprise me if its a thriller.

    As for United, you will all be in the pubs cheering on Liverpool on Sunday before your game against Sunderland, how does that make you feel???

  19. at de end of the day we love LFC more than we hate any other club…so dat says it all…………..YNWA!!!!!!!

  20. Given the choice between United winning and Liverpool beating us to the 19th title, or United losing and Liverpool not beating us to the 19th title, I’d pick for us to lose every time.

    If you have something at stake, then fair enough, but Liverpool will finish 7th this season, regardless of this weekend, and will play in the Europa League.

    I can’t understand why any of their fans want to beat Chelsea and therefore help United win the league.

  21. So much anger, so much frustration from so many bitter Liverpool fans – I still maintain that these people are NOT real supporters. The word hypocrites has been used, it indicates that there have been times when Manchester United supporters have actually wanted to see their own team lose.

    Well let me just say that in over 50 years of supporting the club there has never been one match, not a single one, that I was HOPING for a defeat irrespective of the circumstances. Yes, there have been defeats which were not as painful as they normally are but never actually wanting them to happen. Obviously, I cannot speak on behalf of every other Manchester United supporter but I have never known of one.

    To will your own team to lose ANY game because your support for it is not as strong as your hatred for a rival club is despicable. And in case anyone has overlooked the fact, should Liverpool lose their final two matches while Everton win theres, there will not even be a Europa League to play in at Anfield next season unless the trophy is won in a few weeks.

    REAL Liverpool supporters actually wanting to get beaten by Chelsea? Go and ask Steven Gerrard or any of your players and see how they respond!You can be sure that none of them will EVER contemplate throwing a game, if you have the slightest respect for them, neither should you.

  22. It is a tricky one this.I’d say a win on Thursday and progression to the final would take a lot of pressure off.I’d agree that the chances of CL qualification are virtually Zero so forget that.With a final looming and our lack of any kind of luck whatsoever this season I’d rest players.I’m 100% sure that Taggart would do the same be the situation reversed.I think maybe it would even things up a bit given how teams have rolled over for Man Utd in the past.(Fielding weakened sides a la Hull).As for Chelsea,well themselves and the 2 Manchester teams seem to be able to purchase success.It’s a shame that it’s come to it but in all fairness as soon as Sky started throwing so much money at the game,the playing field was no longer level and the English top tier became nothing more than ‘the rich list’
    Our beautiful game has been pimped out.£30 million for a defender = insanity.
    Money has killed the game.Loyalty and honesty are a rare thing and there’s no honour left in the game.Teams can afford to buy players just to prevent other teams from signing them.It’s become a massive media circus filled with alternative agendas,shady businessmen and official baiting tabloids.Anyone who can’t see this is a fool.
    Glory hunting fans punching the air and buying a shirt because their massively bankrolled team won something shiny equates to little more than going to a casino to cheer for the house.Football is now an industry and like music is doomed to be a soulless fat cash cow.The playing field is so unlevel these days that anyone hoping for a real MATCH should steer clear of the upper tier.

  23. Hey Frank Scicluna- you say you have never known a man u fan who wanted their team to lose so as not to assist Liverpool win something? Thats probably coz you actually live in Manchester. Therefore the only man u fan. Also if you want an example of such a fan just check out ‘this man is a red”s comment.

  24. You mancs are bigger hypocrites than your manager. The man has absolute hate for our club. No Liverpool manager had such hatred for your club. There is no question whatsoever that fergie would throw the game just to see Livepool fail to win their 19th league. You guys can win the 19th league seen as your club is on its way down. Fergie is looking more like someone from a geriatric ward every day and you are £700 million in debt. We on the other hand are going to be sold which although does not guarantee things will mean at least we will be debt free. Enjoy your last 15 minutes of fame.

  25. @Jack – Without wishing to get into a debate which can only go round in circles, just a quick response to your comments

    1) I don’t live in Manchester, far, far from it

    2) Don’t know ‘this man is a red’ from a bar of soap. I have no idea if he’s really a Man United fan but irrespective, he is perfectly entitled to his opinion. Please read my comment again and you will find that what I wrote was “but I have never known of one” and I certainly don’t know this guy.

    3) So you have no doubt that Ferguson has thrown games in the past? I’m sure that the authorities will be interested in having a look at your evidence

    The rest of your juvenile comments are not even worth responding to.

  26. While we are on the subject of where you are from Jack which part of Norway or Wales are you from?

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