2 thoughts on “Can everyone now PLEASE get off Berba's back?

  1. Never ever got on the big mans back. I personally was over the moon when we signed him. The man is pure class. Last season everyone was on Valencia’s band wagon for all those assists and goals but what everyone chose to ignore was the pass master with the vision to release Valencia….more often than not Berba was the man. He see’s football in another light all together. The vision, imagination and execution is top notch. Yeah yeah he doesnt bust a gut like rooney but he doesn’t need to…minimum effort – maximum result. Saying this it doesnt mean he doesnt do his team work. i have seen him in the middle of the park, right back, in our penalty box and left back – as seen by the most against Rovers. Just because he isnt a typical english centre forward people put him down. The hacks are just not on his level. Love the guy

  2. Goals average statistics do not the complete picture. While I am in no way suggesting that Berbatov is anything but a grade A player, 5 goals in a game does not mask the fact that he should never been bought by Utd. It’s goals CONSISTENCY that makes a great striker, something which Berbatov has not produced at United. It’s not his fault however. He was never meant to play for a team that has a very different footballing philosophy. The free-flowing football Utd was playing before Berbatov arrived was some of the best we had seen since 1999. Berbatov’s arrival signalled the departure of a player who played the Utd way…Carlos Tevez. The Rooney-Tevez-Ronaldo axis made us one of the scariest teams in the world to play against. Rooney and Tevez would have still made us a scary proposition. Rooney and Berbatov, I’m afraid not. Juan Sebastian Veron was another classy player, who, at the time Sir Alex signed him, was one of the top 5 midfielders in the world. However, like Tevez, he too should not have been brought into a team with a very different style of play. As much as I love Sir Alex, he has made many a player’s career, and ruined quite a few ones as well.

    So, in conclusion, you will get your odd 2-5 goals in a game from Berbatov every now and then, but that’s not what a team that wants to win the Premiership needs. We’re perfectly happy with a goal a game from a Solksjaer- type striker (given some time, I predict Chicharito will become just that) as that helps us win every game instead of drawing 7!

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