10 thoughts on “The Great Escape For Lucky United – How Did We Do It?

  1. Ha ha, no way, alright Mr T! What you doing up anyway? Cheers for the reply mate. I’m definitely off to bed now chief, I suggest you do the same!

  2. well done addis. i agree with alot of it and also the 4-4-2 when valencia is back we will have pace down both wings as we were discussing on the met the other week 🙂

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  4. “only have Rio and Smalling at the back,”

    Errrr, Rio was never on the pitch!?!?!?

    Otherwise a good write up on an exciting match. One thing that I’ve not read anywhere about this match was the condition of the pitch. It was cutting up pretty badly as was evident from Adam patting down the corner quadrant and a slip from Vidic almost resulted in an own goal.

  5. Good analysis.

    Wonder why SAF played 433. Maybe he wanted to rest Giggs and did not have sufficient faith in Obertan and is missing Park. The story in the first half would have been very different had Park been around. Hope he comes back soon.

  6. Cheers for that spot Baldrick, been updated. Agree on the point re the pitch as well, not the best in the league that’s for sure.

    Thanks for your comment in1voice, we’re missing Park badly. He’d be a great pick to play as the front of a midfield three, hope he gets more chances there rather than the old defensive winger role.

  7. You’re right, we improved immensely in the second half and thoroughly deserved the win in the end. But we were lucky in terms of, having rightly gone into the second half two goals down, Blackpool had a blatant penalty appeal turned down which, had they scored (which is most likely), we’d have been in a position from which I doubt we would have recovered.

  8. Good read, even though I am making a comment 48 hours after the match. Some people just cant keep up with the pace of life. 😉
    A relatively minor point but on the Guardian chalk boards as was seen during the match the short distances that Rooney fails to complete a pass.Worrying!.
    On the state of the pitch Baldrick I mentioned it on my comments on the after match review on the United forum “The Faithfull”.

  9. Shouldn’t amaze me anymore but always does when Sir Alex makes exactly the right changes. Watching 2000 goals for the past week and it was interesting to note that the penetrating runs Hernandez was making v Blackpool were exactly the types of runs and goals that Rooney used to score in bunches. As an aside, looked like Vidic broke his nose (again) in the second half and that Evra spit out a tooth after Adam hit him with a trailing elbow in the first half. Any news of that?

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