8 thoughts on “A view of United's visit from a Newcastle fan

  1. Ed Harrison is partially responsible for keeping the ‘deluded’ tag we have picked up going strong. He has no concept or the situation that Newcastle are really in and seems to live in some form of bubble 10,000 miles away from what is really happening. If it’s not on Newsnow then Ed doesn’t know about it!

    On topic, I think you’ll probably dish out your annual humping to us, but our team will put a lot of effort into the game. The superior quality that Man Utd have will shine through in the end though in my opinion. Unfortunately. The days where we could give Man Utd a game are long gone and probably won’t be seen again for some time.

  2. Good read, balanced and fair from a “Toon” supporter.They deserve success, for persistence and sticking with NUFC, through a long barren spell of silverware.
    I would agree from what I have seen on the box Newcastle’s Chiek Tiote is a very dangerous player and United mut be on their gaurd.
    In our favour, United have not lost at St James’s park in 7 seasons going back to 2001 for Newcastle to record their last win against the “Red Devil” juggernaut.The City win over United to spur the lads on, in their quest for the knocking of perch 19th.
    Its great to see Newcastle back in the top tier of English football, the division needs them and their fanatical supporters, they clearly are going to stay up, although with the meddling of Mike Ashley (not dissimilar) to oursleves,the untimely sacking of the very likeable Chris Hughton, beggars belief.
    Its a pity Newcastle could not come up with a greater variety of songs! “Ohhhh the bloody races”:lol:
    Howay the Reds.
    Ps I will “Love it, Love it if we beat them”….Onto the 19th Manchester United.:D

  3. I didnt understand what purpose this copy paste serve. if the idea is to get a feel of the tyneside mood, i think a deep diving into the recent past would reveal that given the injuries, fewer players available and all the circus that goes on at st james’ park, the guy writing this is not being pessimist, but realist. miracles may happen, but on papers at least, newcastle would do good to avoid a cricket score. this wouldnot have been written with caroll, ben arfa, nolan playing for Newcastle, but now – you have berbatov on bench and we may start with kuqi!!! if such is our team’s preparedness, what do you expect. only positive for us today is our unpredictibility…at SJP we can defeat any one, if we are in the mood.

  4. @Simon, Just asking mate, as we are all football fans, is it normal for Newcstle United “Fans” to score points against each other?I always thought there was a pack mentality prior to a game, and not to do your dirty washing in public!
    Any how not my problem.Of to earn a few pennies, and I do mean a few!
    Cmon you Reds.:D

  5. Red Scot – To a degree there is a pack mentality, but I can assure you that the pack mentality is thinking far and away from what Ed thinks!

  6. @Simon,Cheers for response, my point was I thought supporters of Clubs stuck together particularly on an other set of supporters forum.I dont think I have ever seen “Iternal” point scoring like that before.
    If I had an issue with a particular point like you raised Simon, I would privately EMail, the said author.
    Anyways Its not my issue.
    Enjoy the game tonight and may the best team win.
    Cmon you Reds.

  7. You Man Utd fans must be rubbing your hands together. Newcastle missing their ‘star’ strikers in Ameobi and Best. You’re trying to decide between Rooney, Hernandez and Berbatov. It’s laughable. Barton and Tiote will be crucial as they have been all season but for us to get anything other than a drubbing the whole team needs to play well. Harper is now out, so Krul will start. I hope he doesn’t have a ‘shaky’ one, it’s a big game to throw him back in. There is talk that Shola will play, bit of a plus I suppose, he’s as unpredictable as Newcastle. To sum up I’d like to say we could get a draw but I can’t see us scoring, added to that I can’t see us not conceding, so where does that leave us? You never know Stephen Ireland might come off the bench and get a goal for us, I just hope that little sh1t Owen gets nowt!

  8. So where are all the “Great Reds” that support our club through thick and thin are.
    Not the piss takers that appear on an article(Giggs) , to correct the Author.I should really name and shame them.
    Why cant you talk about the fucking match tonight.
    Opinions like a fucking Arse hole, every has one!
    Enjoy yer night Boss.It aint over, as i said it will go down to the wire in your great article on 1999,United won bye 1 point and 1 goal difference.
    Ps Newcastle played well,Nuff said.
    Cmon You Reds.

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